Adipower 3.0 Review

The adipower 3.0 review is here.

This is one of the top rackets that adidas released for the 2021 season. As one of the most high value rackets, I knew I needed to review this!

So here we go, the adipower 3.0 review:

adipower 3.0 review.

First impressions - Adipower 3.0 Review

This padel racket sits right at the top of the adidas 2021 range. It is along side the metalbone and is also a power racket.

For the adipower 3.0 review, I had a little hit with the racket, here are my first impressions.

First impressions of holding this bat is the rough surface and the diamond shape. I know a lot of the advanced/pro adidas rackets have this because they want the user to experience two increased attributes:

  • Power
  • Spin

Let’s look at the technologies that adidas have implemented to achieve this.

adipower 3.0 review


This adipower 3.0 review is going to look at power first, what technologies help give this padel racket power?

Adidas have said themselves that this racket is the “most powerful in our collection” this is making a statement considering the metalbone was also released. 

There are a few factors that affect the power of this:

  • Shape
  • Weight
  • Other technologies


The shape of the adipower 3.0 is diamond.

This affects the power of the bat massively, it means that the sweet spot will be at the top of the padel racket. 

Remember, the sweet spot is the most effective place to strike the ball.

When you want to play a kick smash, you should be hitting the ball near the top to allow for maximum power and topspin. So the fact that the sweet spot is at the top, will help you get more power!


The weight affects the power of all padel rackets, the heavier the padel bat, the more power it will be able to produce. 

This comes in at 360g, which isn’t actually THAT heavy, in fact, the average weight of a padel racket, is about 360 grams. So, considering this is adidas’s most powerful bat, it is not going to feel really heavy and cause your arm to ache.  

The balance is another factor, if the balance is even, it is going to give you more control, and if the balance is head heavy, then it is going to give you more power.

The balance for the adipower 3.0 is head heavy.

So more weight at the top of it, once again, getting more power. 

Other technologies

The other technologies that adidas have released with this padel bat to increase the power are:

  • Power embossed ridge – increased durability and rigidity to the structure, allows for more power when hitting the ball
  • Dual exoskeleton – inserted nerves that reinforce the core of the padel racket, leading to more power and strength.
  • EVA high memory – EVA rubber with greater memory. Increases power in high-speed shots


These are three technologies that all contribute to the power of this!

So, we know that if you want a big smash, and like to pressure the opponents, then this is for you.

adipower 3.0 review


Let’s have a look at the spin of this now, adidas have added a few technologies to increase the spin of the racket:

  • Spin blade technology
  • Smart whole curve
  • Rough surface

Spin blade and Smart Whole Curve

The spin blade gives a slight 3D relief to the racket, designed to increase the spin and grip on the ball. 

Remember, on a padel racket it is tougher to grip the ball on a smooth surface compared to a tennis racket, so to get a slight raised relief will help grip the ball.

The smart whole curve is the arrangements of the wholes on the padel racket. This has been specially arranged to maximise the amount of spin you can get on the ball.

Rough surface

I mentioned this before, but again, with a rough surface, you will get a lot more grip on the ball. 

So with a rough surface, and the other spin technologies, this gives you maximum spin and able to get a more effect slice and topspin on your shots.

An Adipower 3.0 Review...

I wanted to hear what someone thought of the bat who ACTUALLY uses it. I test these rackets myself, but if I can hear what someone thinks of it who uses it all the time, then even better.

I asked Kai Woodgate what he thought of the adipower 3.0.

It is made me very consistent with a good power, a hard core to allow for extra power and I can get more slice on my serve with the spin features”


My Adipower 3.0 Review...

Overall, the ideal customer for this is someone who likes to pressure the opponents and have lot’s of power on there smash. As well as wanting to have a lot of spin on the ball, this really is for you!

My Overall Rating

I calculate my rating on a 1-10 scale, judging the appearance, how effective it is for what it is meant for (if it is meant for power and has no power then it 0/10), and material.

My overall rating is 29/30! (9/10 for appearance, 10/10 for what it is meant for, and 10/10 for material.

Get yours now!

“Adipower 3.0 Review” – Ewan Ramsden

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