Adipower Control Lite Review

As I go through all the products that I sell, this one always catches my eyes, the bright and stunning orange design is something I will always love. I knew I had to review this and test this. So here it is, the Adipower Control Lite review.

adipower control lite review

What Are The Benefits of The Adipower Control Lite?

In the Adipower Control Lite review, let’s start with the benefits of this racket, what is in it for the you? Why should you buy this? 

When I first got my hands on this racket I noticed straight away two key features.

  • Lightweight
  • Rough surface

This gives me information straight away of how this is going to perform on court. 


What does this mean?

The lightweight feature will allow a faster swing and less stress on your arm when you strike the ball. 

People who like to play padel for fun often enjoy a lighter racket. People with tennis elbow/epicondylitis issues will get on well with this as well.

The rough surface will allow you to get more grip and spin on the ball. Topspin, forehand slice, backhand slice, the bandeja, the vibora, will be made a little easier with this racket due to the rough surface. 

The main benefits of the Adipower Control Lite is the lightweight and rough surface, allowing for a faster swing and more spin on the ball.

adipower control lite padel racket

The Comfort of The Adipower CTRL Lite

The comfort of this padel bat is another factor. When I used and tested it I felt very comfortable. I think this is due to how light it is like I mentioned earlier, but also the feel when you strike the ball with it. 

It felt really good striking the ball with it, and this has got be down to the material and core.

The core is a common and popular one with Adidas, an EVA soft core which, again puts less stress on your arm due to the softer core absorbing more vibrations.

The softer core will reduce the power slightly on this, but when testing I felt a good balance between control, comfort and power.

The main selling point of this racket, is the comfort and control by far.

adidas adipower control lite review

The Adipower Control has a bit of Everything

I mentioned earlier that the softer core would reduce the power, however this padel bat also comes equipped with the duel exoskeleton frame. 

This is SPECIFICALLY designed to increase power. 

It also has another Adidas technology, this is called the power embossed ridge. 

Both of these technologies, make the frame of the racket stronger, which will make the racket more durable.

That is what I like about this racket, it has a mix of everything. Power, control, and comfort, and priced at only £160, it really is a great deal.

adipower control lite review.

Who Should Use The Adipower Control Lite?

For the adipower control lite review, I want to recommend this racket to THREE specific types of people.

  • High end intermediate to advanced players
  • Intermediate or advanced players
  • Players with tennis elbow problems in the past (moving from the ultralight to this)


Due to the advanced technologies involved with this racket. I would definitely suggest it for players at the very high end of intermediate, heading towards advanced.

I then say intermediate and advanced players, what I mean by that is that don’t think if you are not specifically a high end intermediate player then this isn’t for you, because it can be.

Players with tennis elbow problems should use the Nox Ultralight

However, what I do say, is that this is a good progression after the Nox ultralight to go for. It is slighlty heavier, and gives you more power.


My Adipower Control Lite Review:

My Adipower control lite review:

This is a really smart racket. I would recommend this for players who are at the high end of intermediate, heading towards advanced. I would also recommend it to players with tennis elbow problems in the past. 

It could be a stepping stone from the Nox ultralight, to the Adipower control lite.

My overall rating

I calculate my rating on a 1-10 scale, judging the appearance, how effective it is for what it is meant for (if it is meant for power and has no power then it 0/10), and material.

My overall rating is 25/30! (10/10 for appearance, 8/10 for what it is meant for, and 7/10 for material.

Have a look now, get yours in our padel tennis shop. 

“Adipower Control Lite Review” – Ewan Ramsden

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