Bullpadel Hack 02 Vs Bullpadel Hack CTR - Power VS Control?

Two of the biggest and best padel rackets this year – Bullpadel Hack 02 VS Bullpadel Hack CTR, which is better? Which would be best for your game? 

Both of these weapons are used by Paquito Navarro, one of the BEST players in the world. 

Both priced high, and recommended for the most advanced players, so which one should you get? 

I tested both of these for the past few weeks… let’s see which is best for you!

Power VS Control

Bullpadel Hack 02 VS Bullpadel Hack CTR, or power VS control.

The BIGGEST difference between these two rackets, one is power based, the other is control based. 

The shape is different for each racket. 

With the Bullpadel Hack 02 having a hybrid shape, the sweet spot is at the top of the racket, so when you play your aggressive shots such as the smash, or aggressive bandeja/vibora, you will get a LOT more power. 

The Bullpadel Hack CTR is round shaped, with the sweet spot right in the centre of the racket, when you play your precision volleys and groundstrokes, you will get a LOT of control and accuracy. 

What should you look for?

If you play style is to play fast, aggressive, and put a lot of pressure on the opponents, then you should get the Bullpadel Hack 02. 

If you prefer to play with control, accuracy and play tactically to slowly break down your opponents, then the Bullpadel Hack CTR is the one for you.  

You will still get power and control with both rackets, they are amazing at giving you both, but each one really amplifies each attribute.

bullpadel hack 02 vs bullpadel hack ctr

Low Vs High Balance

Another huge factor when choosing between these two rackets, what should you go for? Low or high balance? 

Bullpadel Hack 02 VS Bullpadel Hack CTR, the Hack has high balance, and the Hack CTR has low balance.

What does this mean?

The Bullpadel Hack 02 has a high balance, which means there is MORE weight at the top of the racket. This gives you a lot more power. 

Pro player Juan Lebron actually puts led weights at the top of his racket, so that he can get more power on his smash. 

High balance will not make the racket heavier, but make the end of the racket heavy, so that it is easier to get more power on the smash. 

Which is better?

If you want more control, an easier racket to use, then I would recommend the Bullpadel Hack CTR, you will get more accuracy, and the weight will be even across the racket. 

If you want a lot more power, then the Hack 02 is a good choice.

bullpadel hack 02 vs bullpadel hack ctr

2 Incredible Features They Both Have

These are similar padel rackets with amazing technologies and in credible benefits for you as a player. Let’s have a look at them. 

Vibra drive System (Helps your tennis elbow)

Both of the Bullpadel Hack rackets have a vibra drive system, this reduces vibrations to your arm. 

So that when you strike that ball, you won’t feel as much strain in your arm, it has a lot less impact. 

Hesacore grip (reduces effort)

This is a different grip that according to Bullpadel helps your arm strain, as well as reducing effort when hitting the ball. It is a thicker grip, and it is a lot harder to slip off this one. 

For me, I usually have to replace my grips a lot, but after using the hesacore grip I haven’t had to replace it, I don’t have to squeeze tightly with it either, the grip is good. 

Bullpadel Hack 02 VS Bullpadel Hack CTR

Signed By Paquito (One of the best)

Paquito Navarro uses the Bullpadel Hack 02, and I have also seen him using the Bullpadel Hack CTR, you can use the same racket that one of the best ever player uses, and experience the same sensations as him on court. 

Bullpadel Hack 02 VS Bullpadel Hack CTR

Pro player Paquito Navarro!

Conclusion - Bullpadel Hack 02 VS Bullpadel Hack CTR

Which one should you get? Which would be best for your game? 

For me, the Bullpadel Hack 02 works well for me, as the power is so big a lot of opponents cannot deal with it.

However, if you prefer a controlled game, and prefer to place the ball rather use sheer power to beat people, the Bullpadel Hack CTR is best for you. 

You can have a look at them more here!

Bullpadel Hack 02

Bullpadel Hack CTR

Bullpadel Hack 02 VS Bullpadel Hack CTR – Ewan Ramsden

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Stuart Wright
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The opportunity to try various rackets prior to purchase and the advice you gave me on the differing qualities of each enabled me to select the best one to suit my game. I am really enjoying the difference this racket is making, thank you.
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Amazing service, raquet broke in the morning with a Comp in the afternoon. I contacted everything padel and explained what type I wanted (soft feel) and they met me in an hour and gave me some options. Tried it and loved my Nox and bought it there and then - defo 5 star service
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Great quality product delivered really quickly...very pleased!
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Great customer service, Ewan is extremely helpful and nothing is ever too much trouble. Highly recommend.
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Everything Padel is friendly and helpful, also for any advice and coaching I would highly recommend.

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