Meet The EP Team - 3 Expert Members Of Staff

Ewan Ramsden

Ewan Ramsden - Founder

Hi, my name is Ewan Ramsden, I am 19 years old and the founder and managing director of EverythingPadel. 

When I was 16, i started an online e-commerce business, selling products that had gone viral on facebook, I knew I wanted my life to be in business,. I had a few successes in this, but did not have the passion to sustain it, that is when I found padel.

I started playing padel 2 years ago, always loving racket sports, I was instantly addicted.

I am a padel coach as well as a player. I feel as if I am an expert on advising people on what padel racket would be best for them. 

As well as managing the operations of the business. I write daily blog posts, on topics all related to padel, whether it is padel tips, coaching, racket reviews, or general posts on the padel scene.

I look forward to pushing and expanding the EP team and the business in the near future.

Jake Bewley

meet the ep team
Jake Bewley - Sales

Hi, my name is Jake Bewley, I am a 18 year old that has always had a love for sport, I have played most sports throughout my life. 

I never played a racket sport until padel. 2 Years ago, I started playing padel and fell in love with it. Since then I have been sponsored by EverythingPadel and Adidas. 

I aspire to be one of the biggest names in the padel community, whether this is as a player, and/or a business man.

I am a padel coach at GoPadel so I feel I am an expert in this field of work. 

I work with EverythingPadel, pushing sales to the business, and offering expert advice to customer of what racket they need.

I want to keep pushing EverythingPadel and Ewan and the rest of the team have great potential and bright future in the world of padel.

They are a great company to be involved in, and I am glad to be a part of the EP team

Kai Woodgate

kai woodgate ep team
Kai Woodgate - Sales

Hi, my name is Kai Woodgate, I am 20 years old.

I have always loved sports. and after studying sport in school, and studying a sports psychology course, I think I have the skills to go far in padel world.

I started playing Padel 2 years ago, I became hooked because of the social and fun aspect to it.

I have been sponsored by EP through Adidas. I am provided with padel rackets and clothing.

I have been involved with EverythingPadel since day 1, and I will be for the future.

I am also a padel coach, like Jake and Ewan, I have a large knowledge base in Padel, which means I can advise customers on what padel racket is best for them.

It is a fast growing business, I love being part of the EP team and I can’t wait for it’s plans in the next year.

Let’s keep pushing!

The Only Padel Company in the UK With Padel Oriented Staff

We are the ONLY padel company in the UK in which ALL staff are national ranking padel players and trained padel coaches. 

Proving we are experts in this field, and can advise YOU on what racket is the best for you.

Struggling to choose a racket? Check this out: how to choose a padel racket

Or contact us at info@everythingpadel.co.uk

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