Nox Mj10 Review - 5 Reasons To Buy

The NOX MJ10 review. 

An advanced, powerful racket used by the best female player in the world.

Why is this SO good?

Would this be good for me?

In this NOX Mj10 review I will answer these questions, and give you 5 reasons why you should consider buying this racket.

  • Used by Majo Sanchez
  • Shape
  • Weight
  • Who it is designed for
  • Material

Let’s get started.

nox mj10 review

1. USed by Majo Sanchez herself

The amazing thing about this racket, is that it used by the BEST female players in the world.

Majo Sanchez won the most tournaments and totalled the most ranking points in the 2020 season.

You can experience the same feelings she will have on court.

Are you like Majo?

The question is, do you play like Majo? I don’t mean are you as good as her, but do you have a similar style.

Majo is a backhand player, who plays aggressive volleys, bandejas, viboras, and likes pressures the opponent a lot.

If you are someone who plays soft chiquitas and plays a very slow, tactical game, then I would NOT recommend this for you. 

This racket is ALL about the power, aggression and speed.

I give this factor a 10/10.

nox mj10 review
Majo Sanchez, using the Nox Mj10 Padel Racket


We all know shape is important, it impacts what shots will be the most effective, and where the best place to strike the ball is.

The MJ10 Padel Racket is diamond shaped.

The sweet spot is right at the top of the racket, allowing for optimum power on your smashes, volleys and bandejas.

Remember, when we play an aggressive shot like this, we need to hit the ball at that the top of the racket, so the diamond shape helps this massively.

The shape is 10/10 for power players.

nox mj10 review


Similarly to a lot of Nox rackets, the weight is fairly average. At around 360-375 grams. 

Personally, I think this is a positive, i think a happy medium is a good place to be.

If this racket was too light, the power would be reduced.

Too heavy and the manoeuvrability would be reduced.

However, ideally for a power player, you would want this racket a little bit heavier, in order to get the most impact on the ball.

7/10 for weight.

nox mj10 review

Who is it designed for?

This racket is great players who play on the DOMINANT side.

So this is usually the left side, if you are right handed, but can be the right if you are left handed. 

Ask yourself these questions.

Are you aggresive in your play? Do you like to smash the ball? Do you take more balls on your partners side? 

If not, then this isn’t for you, you should look for something else.

Designed for power players – 10/10



The material of this racket is the main reason it is priced high and is so effective on court.

A rough surface finish, this will help add extra spin to the ball. if you are someone who likes to play with lots of slice, spin, or topspin then you are going to be able to get a lot more with this racket.

The core is multilayered, which will increase durability, and stability when striking the ball.


The 12k Carbon

It has 12k carbon on the racket face, a strong, durable material. The racket should last a 1-3 years depending on how much care.

The 12 k carbon gives you a better energy distribution, allowing to play with low speed as well as high power.

So playing soft is possible with this racket, the 12k carbon gives it a great balance of power and control.

Other material features

Like a lot of the advanced Nox rackets, this is equipped with the AVS technology.

What is this?

AVS is a technology that stops vibrations to the arm, helping with tennis elbow problems, and increasing control.

Another positive of the racket, allowing control to be maintained as well as power.

Material – 10/10

majo sanchez

my ratings and recommendations

Overall my NOX MJ10 review is that this a great racket for power and aggressive players. 

I think it is great that you can play with the same racket that the BEST female padel player in the world is using.

I would still recommend trying this racket out even if your game isn’t solely about power, due to the features such as the carbon finish and the AVS system, you can still get good control.

My overall rating

I calculate my rating on a 1-10 scale, judging the appearance, how effective it is for what it is meant for (if it is meant for power and has no power then it 0/10), and material.

My overall rating is 29/30! WOW!

(9/10 for appearance, 10/10 for what is meant for, and 10/10 for material)

You can buy it right here! Nox MJ10 Padel Racket

“Nox Mj10 Review” – Ewan Ramsden

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