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"An excellent mix of power and control!"

Bullpadel Hack Control

A Comfort Crazy Bat To Create Catastrophes On Court…

The Bullpadel Hack CTRL padel racket is perfect for players who want comfort and control in there game.

The Hack CTRL is the same racket used by some of the world’s best players

Experience the same feelings as them on court by getting yours now.

Guaranteed To Help:

BEST SELLER: Bullpadel and EverythingPadel’s best selling racket of this year!

A “no-brainer” for anyone who wants to skyrocket their control.  

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Cerys Ramsden
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"This racket was great for me as a young female player. It provided me with good stability and good control over my shots. I am very happy with it!!"

Silhouette V

A female friendly machine to thrash your rivals…

The Silhouette V padel racket is perfect for female players who want something lightweight with good control.

The Silhouette has an oversized round shape that provides a large sweet spot

A hot product that has been our best selling female racket

Guaranteed To Help:

Soft Core to maximise control.

A “no-brainer” for female players.

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Client Reviews - Padel Rackets UK

Chris Lane
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Great padel rackets uk at a good price, delivery was almost instant, thank you!
Paul Bardo
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Amazing service, raquet broke in the morning with a Comp in the afternoon. I contacted everything padel and explained what type I wanted (soft feel) and they met me in an hour and gave me some options. Tried it and loved my Nox and bought it there and then - defo 5 star service
Tracey Rodgers
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Great quality product delivered really quickly...very pleased!
Emma Scales
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Great customer service, Ewan is extremely helpful and nothing is ever too much trouble. Highly recommend.

Sponsored Players - Padel Rackets uk

EverythingPadel is also looking to sponsor young players in the UK. If you are looking for a sponsorship then EverythingPadel is a great company to go for.  Branded clothing, rackets and merchandise would be all available for you, contact us to get involved!  Already we have sponsored two young up and coming players, because we want to encourage young players to start padel, so, we have Sophie Foskett, who is a young talented player. Also we have Kai Woodgate, who is a talented coach and player. These players have the potential to go far! Lets support there journey!

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