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Dunlop control padel racket
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"I bought the dunlop control bat, I rang up everythingpadel and they gave me great customer service and advice."
power l.6 padel rackets
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"Amazing service, racket broke in the morning with a Comp in the afternoon. I used everythingpadel gave me some options. - defo 5 star service"
nox pro cup padel racket
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"Great advice, great team and I love my Nox ML10 pro cup! "
silhouette padel rackets
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"Very helpful and polite customer service. Products came in pristine condition and ready to use. Will definitely be buying from here again in the future!"

Frequently Asked Questions

The Nox Ultralight is specifically designed for people with tennis elbow/epicondylitis problems. We have multiple articles with hours of research showing this.

A diamond shaped shovel with high balance, the sweet spot at the top. Look at the high end advanced rackets.

Padel rackets that are round will give you the most control. Large sweet spot’s help, as well as AVS system.

We sell clothing, grips, bags, balls, and hats in our padel tennis shop!

Look for something with a rough surface, that will give you lot’s of grip and spin. Advanced rackets will be equipped with this.

Yes! An example would be this. Sanyo is one of the worlds best players and he uses the Head Alpha Pro At 36 years of age he has recently won the Menorca 2020 final, with his partner, Bela.