What Is The Most Popular Padel Racket?

You are browsing online and finding there are SO many padel rackets all saying that they are amazing and popular, it leads you to the common question – 

“What is the most popular padel racket?”

From our experience in our own online padel store, the most popular padel racket is the Nox ML10 Pro Cup. This has been our best selling racket and Nox have kept it as part of there range for over 3 years now. 


popular padel racket

What Makes It The Most Popular Padel Racket?

The pro cup is our best selling padel racket of all time. BY FAR.

The other rackets do not even come close. 

There was a time in mid 2020, where over 25% of all our sales were coming from the pro cup. 

That is crazy!

1 in 4…

Nox loves it as well

Every year, Nox release a brand new range of rackets, usually replacing the older ones and bringing new ones out. 

However, for the past 3 years, they have kept the pro cup on, bringing it out in a black, camouflage, anniversary, and rough surface edition. 

popular padel racket

WHy Is It Most Popular Padel Racket?

I think there are a few main reasons why this is:

  • Simplicity
  • Miguel Lamperti uses it
  • Control Oriented
  • Good price
  • Recognisable


I think these are the main factors as to why it is so popular, let’s review these further!


A simple concept and design, not too many technical features, but a LOT of comfort and control.

A lot of people when looking for a racket are overwhelmed by the amount of choice, so when they find something that is simple, with comfort and control, that feels good on court, then they are happy.


This has been popular for years, and usually NOX will release a complete new set of rackets each year. 

But for the past 3 years, they have kept it on!

This means that the racket is very recognisable in the padel market. Again, people are more likely to go with something very established rather than something brand new.

Nox even said themselves “if it works, why change it?”

Proving that it is a tested and loved racket among padel fans.

Used by the pro player

The Nox Ml10 Pro Cup is used by the professional world padel tour player, Miguel Lamperti.

Miguel Lamperti has been one of the best WPT players for a while, and he has used this racket. 

The great thing about this is, that you can experience the same sensations and feelings that he would on court!

Nox keeps the rackets the same that the pro players use, this an amazing selling point as people want to play with the same bat that they best players do.

popular padel racket

What Are The Features Of The Most Popular Padel Racket?

  • High density core to increase power
  • 100% carbon frame – giving it maximum durability.
  • 12K Carbon face to increase it’s durability.
  • Dynamic com-posit structure, added material in the heart of the racket to give it a stronger punch and to strengthen the racket.
  • Round shape with large sweet spot to increase comfort and control

What Will The Most Popular Padel Racket Help?

The pro cup, the most popular padel racket will help the following:

  • Power
  • Control
  • Comfort
  • Precision
  • Accuracy
  • Confidence

Conclusion - The Most Popular Padel racket

Overall the most popular padel racket that we have seen is the Nox ML10 Pro Cup, we have to do several bulk orders of these to make sure that we do not go out of stock. 

Even then, we sometimes do!

Hope this helped 🙂

“What is the most popular padel racket?” – Ewan Ramsden

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Client Reviews

Stuart Wright
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The opportunity to try various rackets prior to purchase and the advice you gave me on the differing qualities of each enabled me to select the best one to suit my game. I am really enjoying the difference this racket is making, thank you.
Paul Bardo
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Amazing service, raquet broke in the morning with a Comp in the afternoon. I contacted everything padel and explained what type I wanted (soft feel) and they met me in an hour and gave me some options. Tried it and loved my Nox and bought it there and then - defo 5 star service
Tracey Rodgers
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Great quality product delivered really quickly...very pleased!
Emma Scales
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Great customer service, Ewan is extremely helpful and nothing is ever too much trouble. Highly recommend.
Jou Wong
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Everything Padel is friendly and helpful, also for any advice and coaching I would highly recommend.

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