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Adidas Metalbone Youth Padel Racket

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  • A feather – Extreme lightweight, making it the perfect weight for a child
  • Wicked design – Become the coolest kid on the padel court with this stunning glossy and grey design.
  • Soft + light – Two key features to maka it as easy as possible for kids to win the point.

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  • Description

Why the Adidas Metalbone Youth Padel Racket?

The adidas Metalbone Youth Padel Racket is the solution to all of your problems. Whether that is wanting a junior padel racket, or an extremely light racket in general. This is your answer.

A replica of the metalbone, Ale Galan’s racket, but a junior version. 

Become the coolest kid on the padel court with a wicked racket with a stunning grey and glossy design. 

Designed not just for playing with, but to leave an impression on all other players  after leaving the court. 

This has been one of our most popular rackets. Lots of people and  juniors have bought this and found it very comfortable for them because they had trouble with a heavier bat. With a similar feel when striking the ball to an adult bat. 

It is one of the lightest bats out there, weighing in at around 300-340 grams.

Designed for children who want to take there game to the next level!

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adidas metalbone youth padel racket
adidas metalbone youth padel racket
adidas metalbone youth padel racket
  • Reviews

2 reviews for Adidas Metalbone Youth Padel Racket

  1. Sue

    My son ben loves this racket he was so excited when he got it! Delivered quickly by EverythingPadel!

  2. David

    Got this for my boy and he loved it, great control and looks awesome on court as well. Thank you EverythingPadel!

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