The BEST Padel Racket For Power.

I wanted to know out of ALL the rackets I had, what was the best padel racket for power?

So I did a test. 

Myself and some other coaches did a smash test, bandeja test, vibora test, and bajada test. All the most aggressive shots in padel. 

The goal of each shot was to hit as hard as possible, and see if the other coach could return it based on power. 

The Bullpadel Hack 02, beat all the other top rackets, by FAR, with the coaches only returning 3/9 Bandejas, 5/9 Viboras, 4/9 Bajadas, and 2/9 of the smashes that were kicked out of the court. 

best padel racket for power

Out of all the padel rackets we have, I have found the BEST padel racket for POWER.

After I tested from different brands, all the ranges, one of the most powerful rackets has to be the Bullpadel Hack 02.

This is the one that had the fastest ball speed output, and was easy to get a huge bounce off the back wall when smashing hard. 

In this review I will be going through the Bullpadel Hack 02. 

Below is a video of Paquito showing his best skills!

The Bullpadel Hack 02 is the best padel racket for power, the combination of the high balance, diamond shape, tricarbon and hard feel, give you an explosive strike on court. 

But what else?

Let’s not forget that the Bullpadel Hack 02 is used by one of the worlds best, Paquito Navarro, this guy has one countless titles in the world padel tour

You get to experience the same sensations and feelings that Paquito would on court, which I think is an awesome feature. 

best padel racket for power

What Shots Does It Help The Most?

The Bullpadel Hack 02 thrives when you are playing shots such as…

  • The forehand volley
  • The bandeja
  • The vibora
  • Attacking of the back wall
  • The flat smash
  • The kick smash
  • All attacking shots


So the shots that allow you to pressure the opponents heavily, play fast and hard, and play with POWER, are the best for the Bullpadel Hack 02. After all it is the best padel racket for power.

best padel racket for power

What Makes It The Best Padel Racket For Power?

Let me talk you through the session when we tested it. 

Me, and a few other coaches tested this racket for a couple hours along with some other powerful rackets from Nox, adidas, and Wilson.

One of the tests we did was the smash test, we would throw a ball up and do a smash with the racket. We would do it 3 times with each racket. 

Out of all the high end power rackets we tested, this one gave us the biggest smash, the ball speed was incredible also.  

We noticed that the Bullpadel Hack 02 allowed us to kick the ball out of the court most consistently, with all 3 coaches doing it 7/9 times with it compared to the 5/9 and 6/9 with the other rackets. 

best padel racket for power
This is Paquito With His Hack!

The Best Padel Racket For Power - Features

Let me explain the key features of the best padel racket for power, the bullpadel hack 02.

  • Diamond shape with the sweet spot at the top of the racket to increase power.
  • High balance to increase the power on the most aggresive shots, your smash and vibora will be a lot harder to defend.
  • Vibra drive system to reduce the vibrations to your arm, less aches and strains when hitting the ball hard.
  • Nerve channels at the end of the racket to increase the comfort, play aggressive, without any consequences.
  • Signature from Paquito Navarro at the bottom of the racket – he will be with you in the tough times on court.
best padel racket for power

The Best Padel Racket For Power - Conclusion

One of my favourite padel racket reviews in a long time! This was a lot of fun to test on court, and I was very happy with the results. 

If you want a big smash, want to pressure the opponents heavily with aggression and speed then the Bullpadel Hack is for you. 

You can get the Bullpadel Hack right here.

“The Best Padel Racket For Power” – Ewan Ramsden

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Amazing service, raquet broke in the morning with a Comp in the afternoon. I contacted everything padel and explained what type I wanted (soft feel) and they met me in an hour and gave me some options. Tried it and loved my Nox and bought it there and then - defo 5 star service
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