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adidas metalbone HRD padel racket
Jake Bewley
Jake Bewley
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"This is an amazing buy, I would recommend it to anyone! I love how you can change the weights, and the power is crazy.!"

Adidas Metalbone HRD

A revolutionary, customisable cannon to wreak havoc on court…

The Adidas Metalbone HRD padel racket is is a revolutionary model that allows YOU to change the weight.

YOU are in charge of how light or heavy you want this.

The Metalbone is used by the best male player in the world, Ale Galan.

Includes and Helps

6 CUSTOMISABLE weights to put you in charge.

This one really is, different level.

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Cerys Ramsden
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"This racket was great for me as a young female player. It provided me with good stability and good control over my shots. I am very happy with it!!"

Silhouette V

A female friendly machine to thrash your rivals…

The Silhouette V padel racket is perfect for female players who want something lightweight with good control.

The Silhouette has an oversized round shape that provides a large sweet spot

A hot product that has been our best selling female racket

Guaranteed To Help:

Soft Core to maximise control.

A “no-brainer” for female players.

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