5+ Best adidas Padel Rackets 2021 (BUYERS GUIDE)

Adidas padel rackets are one of the most popular brands on the padel market. 

They have some of the best players in the world using their rackets and every year they have new technologies on each of the models to ensure that their equipment is different level.

Let’s break down the five best adidas padel rackets so that you know what rackets that you HAVE to get.

adidas padel rackets

Table of Contents - The Best Nox Padel Rackets 2021

The adidas 2021 Range

Before we start, let’s look at what we’re going to be reviewing today.

We are going to be looking at solely the adidas 2021 range.

Now this is a buyers guide, so I will be making sure I pick the best advanced, intermediate and beginner padel rackets so that everyone who wants a racket can see what would be the best one for them.

Without further ado, let’s get started. Here are my 5 best adidas padel rackets 2021.

1. adidas Metalbone (My Favourite)

adidas padel rackets

Let’s start with the adidas metalbone. This is my favourite out of the adidas padel rackets. 

This was one of the most exciting and interesting rackets the adidas released this year.


Because it had some revolutionary technologies that we hadn’t seen before.

But what?

CUSTOMISABLE weights to help you decide how heavy or light you want this racket.

If you struggle with the weight, then you can take some off that are included with the bat, to make it lighter.

One of our sponsored players Jake Bewley uses this!

Who Should Use It?

This bat should be used by advanced players who want a lot of power on their shots.

If you like to pressure the opponents and play aggressive shots such as the smash, bandeja, vibora and aggressive volleys  then this is for you.

It is specifically designed with the shape, material, core, all included to try and increase the amount of power you can put on your shots.

Features and technologies

This is guaranteed to help:



2. adidas Adipower 3.0

adidas padel rackets

Up next we have the adipower 3.0 this is another one of the new adidas padel rackets that they released in the 2021 season.

This is the new model from the adipower 2.0 that was used in the 2020 season this time it has newer and better technologies to improve it.

Sponsored player Kai Woodgate uses this!

Who Should Use It?

Similar to the metalbone that should be used by advanced players who want a lot of power.  

Now adidas have said themselves that THIS is their most powerful racket and players who want a bigger smash should use this.

It has several technologies all designed about increasing the power of the users shots.

Features and technologies

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3. adidas Adipower Control Lite

adidas padel rackets

This next one is one of the best adidas padel rackets in terms of design, weight and comfort.

As you can see from the image, the design stands out above most of the other rackets in the range. It has made it incredibly popular, but the actual racket itself is also really good.

Who Should Use It?

The adipower control light should be used by intermediate players as it is lightweight, has good spin and good control.

It is still important for intermediate players to have great control in their shots.

This is GREAT for this as it will help you get those shots right into the corner.

Features and technologies

This is guaranteed to help:



4. adidas RX30

adidas padel rackets

The Adidas RX30 is another amazing racket for all kinds of players.

I say ALL players, because it’s fun, easy to use and has a large sweet spot that really helps your control.

Who Should Use It?

This one is great because I think all kinds of players can use it.

Even advanced players, in a casual game you could use this as it is SO easy to use.

However for beginner and intermediate players I strongly recommend this one because of the control and large sweet spot.

This will help you MASSIVELY control your lobs, volleys and all of your attacking/defensive shots.

Features and technologies

This is guaranteed to help:



5. adidas RX20 Light

adidas padel rackets

The Adidas Rx20 Light in my opinion, is the best of the beginner/early intermediate adidas padel rackets.

I tested it out on court, and felt good control, whilst still maintaining some power, which is EXACTLY what you need when using a beginner racket.

With a really nice black and red design as well.

Who Should Use It?

Beginner and low end intermediate players should use this. 

It is perfect for this type of game, with control being the main base, a large sweet spot and exceptional comfort. 

Very forgiving for players that may not have their coordination up to scratch when they are starting. 

Features and technologies

This is guaranteed to help:



Conclusion - Best adidas Padel Rackets 2021

What are the best adidas padel rackets? 

  • adidas Metalbone
  • adidas Adipower 3.0
  • adidas Control Lite
  • adidas RX30
  • adidas RX20 Light

Overall this list is based on popularity, design, my own experience with them on court and with clients and finally adidas themselves.

If you want more information, check out each individual product, trust me, it is worth it.

Which of the adidas padel rackets is your favourite?

Hope this helped!

“5+ Best adidas Padel Rackets 2021” – Ewan Ramsden

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Client Reviews

Stuart Wright
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The opportunity to try various rackets prior to purchase and the advice you gave me on the differing qualities of each enabled me to select the best one to suit my game. I am really enjoying the difference this racket is making, thank you.
Paul Bardo
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Amazing service, raquet broke in the morning with a Comp in the afternoon. I contacted everything padel and explained what type I wanted (soft feel) and they met me in an hour and gave me some options. Tried it and loved my Nox and bought it there and then - defo 5 star service
Tracey Rodgers
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Great quality product delivered really quickly...very pleased!
Emma Scales
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Great customer service, Ewan is extremely helpful and nothing is ever too much trouble. Highly recommend.
Jou Wong
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Everything Padel is friendly and helpful, also for any advice and coaching I would highly recommend.

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