5+ Best Nox Padel Rackets 2023 (Buyers Guide)

Nox padel rackets are one of the most luxury, desired and popular brands on the market, with a full range this year, let’s review the BEST nox padel rackets. 

Let’s have a look at the ones you HAVE to get this year.

nox padel rackets

Table of Contents - The Best Nox Padel Rackets 2023

The Nox 2023 Range

Each year, Nox release a new range of rackets. 

They keep some on, improve some, and completely drop and release new ones. 

This always gives us a great indication of what rackets sold the best and were the most popular.

Let’s have a look at the best Nox padel rackets from the 2023 range, let’s go!

1. Nox Nerbo WPT

Nox Nerbo WPT Padel Racket 2023,

Let’s start with the Nox Nerbo WPT padel racket. There was a 2020,21,22 version of this, and it was great. 

I actually used the 2022 version for 6 months last year, I thought it was really good.

It was also one of my best selling advanced rackets from 2020, and 2021.

So, for the 2023 season, NOX released the new range, and the NEW and improved Nox Nerbo was released!

Who should use it?

This is an advanced, powerful racket that is designed for players who want to achieve a LOT of power and spin on the ball.

Diamond shaped, to help you achieve a lot of power on your attacking shots, such as the smash, vibora and bandeja. 

Features + Technologies:

This is guaranteed to help:

2. Nox AT10 Tapia 18K (My Favourite)

Nox AT10 Genius 18K Padel Racket 2023

Out of all the Nox padel rackets, this is my FAVOURITE, I use it a lot of the time I train, play, coach, or enter a tournament. 

It is one of the most popular bat that Nox have released, and it works for me so well.

The one thing that you need to know about this (in case you didn’t) is that this is the same bat that Agustin Tapia, the world padel tour player uses, he has used each model since the 2020 season.

He worked closely with Nox, to make this, and now he is going to use a simialr version of it throughout 2023.

This racket, won him a world padel tour open last year!

Who should use it?

Designed for intermediate to advanced players, who want to achieve a lot of spin, slice, control and comfort. 

Power is also a factor in this bat, with a strong rubber core to increase the ball speed.

Features + Technologies:

This is guaranteed to help:

3. Nox ML10 Pro Cup (Fan Favourite)

Nox Ml10 Pro Cup Padel Racket 2023

This is a fan FAVOURITE racket, it is Nox’s best selling racket of all time, and the same with ours as well.

I think there are a few main reasons why this is:

  • Simplicity
  • Miguel Lamperti uses it
  • Control Oriented
  • Good price
  • Recognisable
Another racket used by a world padel tour player, which is only going to increase it’s popularity.

Who should use it?

ALL kinds of players can use this, I would recommend it for intermediate to advanced level players due to its price and some of the technologies. 

But due to the round shape, and comfort, it will be good for low level players as well!

Features + Technologies:

This is guaranteed to help:

4. Nox ML10 Shotgun

NOX Ml10 Shotgun Padel Racket 2023

Get ready. Point. Shoot.

One of the most powerful out of the Nox padel rackets range.

This was a completely new racket that Nox released this year, it is the ML10 Shotgun.

First of all, the branding and design of this racket has made it very popular, by naming it a “shotgun” personifies it and gives the user a feeling that they will be using a weapon on court.

And you really are.

With a loud, distinctive sound, when you strike the ball, it does replicate a shotgun.

Who should use it?

The shotgun is designed for intermediate to advanced players who want a LOT of power on their shots. 

If you want a big smash, then this is for you.

With the sweet spot at the top of the racket, to maximise the power, and allow you to get the kick that you need to get that ball out of the court.

Features + Technologies:

This is guaranteed to help:

5. Nox MP10 Luxury

Nox MJ10 Padel Racket 2023

The last one we are going to look at is the Nox MJ10 luxury, in my opinion, one of the most ascetically pleasing rackets from the Nox padel rackets range! 

It is IDEAL for a balance of power + control. 

Used by the pro player as well, Mapi Sanchez, so again, Nox allows you to use the same racket as the best female player in the world. 

Again, this bat won her many titles at the world padel tour last year!

Who should use it?

Intermediate-advanced players who like a balance of power and control should use this. 

The whole bat is based around trying to increase the precision and accuracy of your shots. 

It has been described to me by someone who bought it as “it solves the problem of trying to get every shot in the corner!”

Features + Technologies:

This is guaranteed to help:

Conclusion - Best Nox Padel Rackets 2023

What are the best nox padel rackets? 

  • Nox Nerbo
  • Nox Tapia
  • Nox ML10 Pro Cup
  • Nox Shotgun
  • Nox MJ10

Overall this list is based on popularity, design, my own experience with them on court and with clients and finally Nox themselves.

If you want more information, check out each individual product, trust me, it is worth it.

Hope this helped!

“5 Best Nox Padel Rackets 2023” – Ewan Ramsden

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