£50 Padel Racket VS £300 Padel Racket

The number one question I get asked is, what is the difference between a £50 padel racket VS £300 padel racket? Does it really help on the court? Will it really give you more control, power, comfort, and more wins?

I did some experiments and tests this week, to really see the differences between a £300 padel racket, and a £50 padel racket!

£50 Padel Racket VS £300 Padel Racket (4)

3 main differences initially

Before the tests, here are 3 main differences. 

  • The material – an expensive racket will use carbon. and a budget racket will use fiberglass.
  • Features and tech – advanced rackets will have high-level features and lots of technologies. For example customizable weights and various power/control technologies.
  • Added value – a £300 padel racket will have a luxury case/bag, may come with a racket protector or a grip. A £50 racket usually won’t have a bag and won’t have any extras with it. 

I used an X One and a Metalbone

I picked the Nox X one, a £50 beginner padel racket, and put it against the adidas Metalbone, a £300 padel racket. 

The X one is round, control based, easy to use and soft, a standard but popular beginner padel racket. 

On the other hand the Metalbone is hard, powerful, accurate, strong, and has mad features like customisable weights. 

Test #1 - Lobs

Controlling lobs is tricky, so for this first test I decided to receive 10 balls, and try and play a perfect lob into a target zone. 

Up first was the X One. 

I managed to get 4/10 with the X one, pretty shocking for me, but up next was the Metalbone, will I improve or get even worse?

So, I improved by 1. Not great either, this test is not doing me any favors for getting in the GB team. 

The metal bone is an all-out power padel racket, and the X one is a control racket, however, you will definitely still get more control with a £300 racket.

Test #2 - Volleys

In this test I wanted to see how accurate I could get my volleys, so I placed a tube on the court and tested to see which racket would take me the least amount of tries.

So I struggled and got 36 tries with the metalbone HRD, it was a tough challenge but I also can’t believe it took me that many attempts, so bad. 

When using the metalbone HRD, it is so powerful and strong, nice in your hand and the feel is class. 

Next up was the same test, but with the Nox X One. 

It took me only 5 attempts! Not sure how, but I got a lot better at hitting the tube, the X One felt okay so I think it was very lucky that I managed to hit it so soon.

Test #3 - Power

The final test was to hit the ball as far as possible to see the pure power. Nox X One first…

So the Metalbone performed much better in this challenge, no surprise there. It is a very powerful and strong racket 

Which won?

£50 Padel Racket VS £300 Padel Racket, which one?

So out of the 3 challenges, the Metalbone marginally won the first, lost the second, and then comfortably won the third. 

What does this tell us? 

I think it shows that from simple tests you CAN see a difference, however the changes in price will not affect how easy it is to hit a tube. But instead it will affect a number of beneficial factors such as power, speed, strength, good feelings, and control. 

The X One is good

The £50 padel racket (the X One) is good. It is fine. It feels nice, I can get a nice strike, fairly easy to use and good comfort. It is just very basic, which means it is ideal for beginner and new players. 

I would not use it – because I would put myself above a beginner (maybe not after the videos of me missing 35 shots) and I know exactly what type of racket I want. 

If you think the X One would be good for your game you can check it out here.

The Metalbone is amazing

The Metalbone is amazing, feels fantastic, very strong, high in power, and I love using it. The features such as customisable weights and octagonal structure make it so premium for me.

I have recently converted from the Nox Tapia to the Metalbone …

If you think the Metalbone would be good for your game, you can check it out here!

£50 Padel Racket VS £300 Padel Racket - Conclusion

Overall  for the £50 padel racket VS £300 padel racket, do not take the tests and challenges too seriously, they are a bit of fun. You can definitely feel the difference between these two rackets. 

A lot of it is down to the feelings, and the tiny 1% improvements that you are going to see on the court, from more power, flexibility, speed, maneuvrability, and control.

£50 Padel Racket VS £300 Padel Racket – Ewan Ramsden

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