About Ewan Ramsden

My names is Ewan Ramsden, I am the founder and managing director of EverythingPadel, a fast growing online padel store, selling rackets, clothing, bags, and accessories.

I thought I would write a bit about how EverythingPadel started, and how I got into padel. 

The club - How it helped Ewan ramsden

I started playing padel at a local club called “go padel”, I was giving a taster hit with coach Dan Troy.

The club was built up so well with 3 high quality glass courts allowing me to play whenever I want, and by the summer I was nearly playing every single day and playing in tournaments that were run by the club. 

Got addicted

The club’s atmosphere was the main thing that makes it so addictive, always people around to talk to, music playing and the café being a huge part, allowing all members to get food or drink when they are down. 

Coaching was high quality with Dan and Rich teaching me how to play the game properly.

about ewan ramsden

How EverythingPadel Started

The more I played the sport, the more I knew that I wanted to pursue this sport somehow in a career. 

I was in college doing my A levels. And got good results. 

However knew that if I didn’t do something in padel I would end up just applying for an apprenticeship. 

When I was 16 I started an online e-commerce business, selling products that had gone viral on Facebook, I had a small success with this, but didn’t have the passion to sustain it.

Where it all started

Luckily for me, Rich approached me with a business proposition. Where I could start selling rackets. That’s when I launched in February of 2020, EverythingPadel. 

This was an online padel store that sold rackets and merchandise. 

I was always interested in business and always wanted to own my own business, so this was a dream come true for me. 

Combining the thing I loved doing with business was a great move for me. 

A padel coach as well

Rich also then offered me a coaching job in mid-June. Where I could start coaching at Brentwood and Maldon. 

This helped me have a career path and more stable income than just my business. And also increased sales of EverythingPadel due to all the new players at Brentwood buying rackets! 

I think because I am a player and coach, it puts me in a better position to go into this business as I have a lot of knowledge about it.

ewan ramsden

My Goals

I want to keep pushing and working hard to make this business big, I want to get ahead of all competition and be the biggest and the best. 

My priority is to make sure that our customer service is perfect and that we can help you find the best racket and have the best consumer experience possible. 

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