The Best Padel Rackets (The Pro Players Use)

This is 5 of the best padel rackets! Some of them the professional world padel tour players use! 

How do I know that these are the best? Well, this list is based on popularity among the padel community, as well as been thoroughly tested by our UK padel team, we are trained padel coaches and national ranking players.

So, without further ado, here are 5 of the best padel rackets.

Number 5 - Nox Ultralight Racket

One of the best padel rackets is the Nox Ultralight was a new revolutionary technology on a racket, making it one of the lightest on the market. This helped people with tennis elbow and wrist problems be able to play the game they love! An amazing price of only £64.99, this has to be a MUST buy for players with any tennis elbow or weaker arms.

Power – 8/10

Control – 9/10

Comfort – 10/10

Price – £64.99

ml10 pro cup ultralight

Number 4 - Adidas Metalbone

The Adidas Metalbone padel racket is is a revolutionary model that allows YOU to change the weight.

YOU are in charge of how light or heavy you want this.

The Metalbone is used by the best male player in the world, Ale Galan. This has been one of our most popular padel rackets this year, hundreds of people buying and LOVING the metalbone.

Power – 10/10

Control – 9/10

Comfort – 9/10

Price – £294.99

best padel rackets

Number 3 - AT10 Tapia Racket

This racket has been a popular choice for years now. Used by Agustin Tapia, the professional himself Spain. Agustin helped design this bat so it was the best it could be. 

Nox have given us another lightweight racket, with lots of control and technologies on the bat to help grip the ball with lots of spin and slice. Ultimate comfort. Excellent control.

Fun fact – Founder of EverythingPadel Ewan Ramsden uses this racket!

Power – 9/10

Control – 10/10

Comfort – 10/10

Price – £204.99

Padel Racket AT10

Number 2 - Wilson Bela Team

This racket has been a fan favourite, with it being an incredibly popular choice among intermediate to advanced players. Its diamond shape allows for maximum power, with a rough surface to help grip the ball with different types of spin. This racket came desperately close to number 1!

Power – 9/10

Control – 10/10

Comfort 10/10

Price – £229.99

best padel rackets

Number 1 - ML10 Pro Cup

Here it is. The ultimate racket, our best selling racket, and the racket that has had most sales of all time from Nox. 

The players describe it “as comfortable as a glove”. Excellent control on the racket, whilst still maintaining power on the smash. Lets not forget the price, only £169.99. 

The professional padel player Miguel Lamperti uses this and loves it! Comes in black and white.

Power – 9/10

Control – 10/10

Comfort – 10/10

Price – £169.99

pro cup black edition

Conclusion - What Are The Best Padel Rackets?

Overall, here are the best padel rackets, based on popularity and what our team thinks of them.

Of course, for one person the “best racket” may be different to someone else. But I know, that if someone asks me what the best padel racket is, I say the Pro Cup or the Tapia, because it is just SO popular.