Padel Grips

Padel Grips

This category has a range of padel grips.

You can look at the padel grips that we have available. They come in the colours black, white, yellow, blue and orange.

Padel grips are an important accessory to have. You need it with you as it allows you to hold your padel racket a lot easier. Especially when we play in the hot conditions of the summer. A good padel grip will allow you to hold your racket more firmly. Without the consequence of slipping due to the sweat.

When you are playing without a grip, your hand will slip when you play a shot. This can dramatically affect the shot you have just played. For example, an aggressive bandeja can be ruined and go miles out. When you slip from the grip because the control has been drastically lost as you have essentially, let go of the racket for a split second. The power is also lost when you lose your grip. Meaning you can’t get the strength behind each shot.

We would advise that you change your grip every month or so in order that they do not wear out over time. In the hotter conditions of the summer, it might be an idea to replace them even more often. This is because they are more likely to wear out easily due to the amount more sweat that your hand will have when playing in hotter weather.

If you follow this advice then you will never have a problem with your grip!

These padel grips are really important for your game!


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