The 2 BIGGEST Mistakes When Choosing A Padel Racket

When choosing a padel racket, there are 2 HUGE mistakes that people make that often lead to them choosing the wrong one for them, or even worse, not being able to pick at all.

I have covered how to choose a padel racket, the best padel rackets, full racket reviews, and everything about rackets such as the best shape, and what the bat is made of. 

But now, I think I need to tell people that they are making mistakes when they are buying their rackets!

So, here are the 2 BIGGEST mistakes that people make when choosing a padel racket.

Let’s get started.

choosing a padel racket

1. Not being patient enough

This seems like a strange point, what do you mean not being patient enough?

What I mean is there are a lot of different aspects for choosing a padel racket, testing one , and then using one afterwards. 

The entire process of choosing a padel racket should be done with care and patience, and without this, that is when you will end up with something that is not perfect for YOUR game.

So let’s look at the first stage, choosing a padel racket/researching a padel racket.


This is the first stage of choosing a padel racket, this is where you will be looking at a range of rackets to try, maybe you have contacted someone, asking for some choice, or if you are browsing online.

You may even be reading articles on the best padel rackets for a certain brand or in general. 

This is where you have to patient, and really think about what you want. Don’t rush in and juts pick the first few that look good. 

Be patient and this will help you in your process of choosing a padel racket!


Now not everyone is lucky enough to get their hands on 4-5 rackets to test themselves,

But if you are, then you are in an amazing position. 

If not, you may have to spend longer in the researching stage to find something great for you.

If you can test when choosing a padel racket, it makes life easier, but…

You need patience for testing as well. 

If you have 3 rackets to test, and an hour to play. Then spend 20 minutes exactly with each racket without switching. 

This is the BEST way to test. You will have a clear thought in your head of which one worked well for you, and which one you were not a fan of.

Don't do this...

If you pick up a racket, and miss a shot, don’t put it down.

Stick with it.

Without being harsh, that racket is not the reason you missed that shot. It was your own fault.

A racket will not “make all your shots go in” but instead, it will enhance them, add more power or control, and make it easier/more comfortable for the user to play with. 

This is a crucial mistake for when choosing a padel racket!

Be patient when you are using it

When you first get your brand new racket, it will feel a bit different and strange when you first use it. 

This does NOT mean you made the wrong decision.

You just need some time to adjust.

Giving yourself 10-15 decent games with it to fully adjust. 

You will get used to it, and if you did the right thing in the researching stage then your game will definitely benefit from it.

Ale Galan using the adidas metalbone

2. Not buying for yourself

The main USP for my business is that I want to find the right racket for each player. 

Everyone is different, and I know from my experience that something that is AMAZING for one person does not make it great for someone else.

I know players that despise certain rackets, that similar players of the same level love.

This is why the second biggest mistake when choosing a padel racket is: Not buying for yourself.

What do I want?

This is now where you have to ask yourself “what do I want”. 

It is very easy to sit there and think that “I just want something good”.

But there is no such thing as the “perfect padel racket” it can be different for every player.

You need to establish, do I want power, control, light bat, heavy bat, even balance, high balance, etc. 

Even if it is as simple as thinking “right, I want more power” and then looking at power rackets, this will help you SO much. 

Making that decision

Now, you have figured out what you want, you have done your research and if you are lucky you might have tested some. 

Now it is time to decide which one is for you.

Think about the racket that will work with you the most, something that you think will be beneficial but also comfortable. 

So, if you wanted more power, but then have some wrist problems, then it is not a good idea to get a really heavy racket that will give you power. 

Instead, you can get something that is still power based, but maybe has technologies to help with tennis elbow/wrist problems, for example soft core or anti vibration system. 

Ask for advice

Ask someone who knows about rackets, a decent player, or a good coach. 

These people can help you in choosing a padel racket, they can look at your game and help you choose something that would be good for you.

You can ask me, email me at info@everythingpadel.co.uk, and within 24 hours, I will tell you what you would be perfect for you.

choosing a padel racket

Conclusion - The 2 BIGGEST Mistakes When Choosing A Padel Racket

Overall, the 2 biggest mistakes for choosing a padel racket are not being patient enough when deciding and not buying for yourself. If you do this then you will have a lot more success and your game will benefit largely from it.

Hope this helped!

“The 2 BIGGEST mistakes when choosing a padel racket” – Ewan Ramsden

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