How Much Should You Spend On A Padel Racket? (5+ Tips)

How much should you spend on a padel racket? A common question among padel players. 

We all know that padel rackets are expensive, most rackets from trusted brands can range from £50, all the way to £300, and then you can find rackets online that are £400 and upwards. 

So how much should you spend on a padel racket? 

You should spend an amount that justifies for your player level, if you buy something in the wrong price range for your level, then it could actually hinder your game rather than help it. 

Let’s break this down into different categories of players, from the list below, click the type of player you are, and then get the answers you need. 

Let’s go.

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how much should you spend on a padel racket

Beginner Players

How much should you spend on a padel racket if you are a beginner?

If you just started out, you should look to spend between £40 and £75.

This will get you something that is easy to use, entry level, and will do it’s job while you are a new player. 

When you spend £50, you will get the most basic racket you can get, it will give you a bit of control, some power, and some comfort to start you off, but nothing special here. 

Don't Make This Common Mistake...

A huge mistake from people who are not sure how much you should spend on a padel racket. 

If you someone how manage to find something cheaper online priced around £30, then I would not bother, those rackets will crack easily, will provide no comfort, power, or control, and will not help your game. 

I’ve heard stories of those rackets either cracking easily, or giving people tennis elbow. 

how much should you spend on a padel racket

Intermediate Players

How much should you spend on a padel racket if you are an intermediate player?

If you are an intermediate player, you can now spend from £100-£180, you need something that will really enhance your game, if you spend less, then the racket will probably not allow you to reach your full potential. 

Rackets in this price range will have a lot more feartures, excel in comfort, control and power. 

Depending on how often you play the game at an intermediate level, would depend on how much you spend.

Advanced Players

How much should you spend on a padel racket if you are an advanced player?

Advanced players can spend however much they like! 

I would advise to spend from £150+ in order to get a padel racket with very good feature, but then it is all down to the player. 

I’ve seen players move from £400 padel rackets down to £150 padel rackets depending on the comfort and enjoyment they have had using it. 

Conclusion - how Much Should You Spend On A Padel Racket

How much should you spend on a padel racket? 

Overall, you should spend the amount that corresponds with your player level and how often you play. The more obsessed and higher level you are the more you should spend. 

“How much should you spend on a padel racket” – Ewan Ramsden

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Amazing service, raquet broke in the morning with a Comp in the afternoon. I contacted everything padel and explained what type I wanted (soft feel) and they met me in an hour and gave me some options. Tried it and loved my Nox and bought it there and then - defo 5 star service
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Great quality product delivered really quickly...very pleased!
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Great customer service, Ewan is extremely helpful and nothing is ever too much trouble. Highly recommend.
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Everything Padel is friendly and helpful, also for any advice and coaching I would highly recommend.

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