How to choose a padel racket (step by step guide)

How to choose a padel racket – the ULTIMATE step by step guide below:

From my experience as a padel coach and player, I see that choosing a padel racket from a wide variety can be overwhelming as there is a lot of choice!

Most people do not know where to start. I did some research and created this step by step guide.

To choose a padel racket, you must establish your player level and find out what you want. I would recommended for beginners that you choose something lightweight, with a round shape.


Let’s review this further: How to choose a padel racket.

Table of Contents - How To Choose a Padel Racket

how to choose a padel racket

1. How To Choose A Padel Racket At Your Level

If you have little experience in racket sports in general, and only played padel a few times, then a £200 top of the range is NOT going to be suitable for you. 

We need to find what your level is. More importantly, what your game is.

Alternatively, if you are an experienced player, who is learning advanced padel shots and techniques, then a £50 racket is not going to cut it for you. 

You need something at a more advanced level. 

Imagine that you are a beginner player, you might look at a beginner racket and disregard it because you think that it won’t improve you. 

However, just because a beginner racket is cheap, it doesn’t mean it is bad for you. 


Don't write everything off

Beginner rackets are lightweight, usually round, and have a large sweet spot. (See step 3 for information about sweet spots) 

This is IDEAL for a beginner player, who will probably struggle with technique and make a lot of errors, a lightweight bat with a large sweet spot would help that type of player reduce the amount of errors they are making.

By choosing a padel racket that is suited to your level, it will help you improve at a natural rate. 

To choose a padel racket at your level, you need to evaluate if you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player, and then find a racket that falls into that category.

Have a look at the image below from the Adidas range. It shows how each racket is made for different levels, and what they fall into.

choose a padel racket

2. How To Choose A Padel Racket For You

It may surprise you, but it’s clear that lots of people who try out some new rackets, don’t know what they want. 

If you can’t establish this, then you will not know how to choose a padel racket.

Lots of people try 3-4 rackets, have one hit with it, and as soon as they miss a shot, put it down. 

Some people fail to realise that even if they have the best racket in the world, they will still miss!

If you do this, you will struggle to find a new racket. 

It is a good idea to thoroughly try each racket properly before coming to a decision!

To find a padel racket for you, I would suggest, say you play for an hour, and have 3 rackets to try. Divide it into 20-minute segments, play with each one for 20 minutes and then you will know which racket is the one you liked best.

When I test padel rackets, I will always spend at least 15 minutes in a row with one so that I know for SURE the information about it.

Ask yourself this.

Do you struggle with the weight of the racket? 

Is your arm aching after playing for a while? 

Can you get enough power? 

Are you struggling to get control? 

Are you miss hitting the ball a lot? 

You NEED to ask yourself these questions.

Now we know what your level is, and what you are after. 

jake bewley

3. How To Choose A Padel Racket's Shape

There are 3 main shapes for a Padel racket – Round, Diamond, and Teardrop. These give the player a different sweet spot on the racket. 

The sweet spot is the most effective place to hit the ball.

You know that annoying sound you hear when you are not hitting the ball properly? 

Well, that does not necessarily mean you are miss hitting the ball completely, but actually not getting that sweet spot.

  • Round rackets will usually have the sweet spot right in the centre of the racket. 
  • Diamond rackets will have the sweet spot near the top of the racket. 
  • Teardrop rackets will have the sweet spot near the top, but a little lower than a diamond racket. 
(See image below)

What does this mean?

Well, round rackets are usually designed to maximise control, with the ball right in the middle so that you can have a consistent hit every time you strike the ball. 

Diamond rackets are designed to maximise power, particularly on the smash, as when you are going for a smash, you should be hitting the ball near the top anyway. 

Finally, teardrop rackets can vary, and be a mix of both for power and control. 

Again, ask yourself, do I want power or control? Or possibly a balance of both….the shape of the racket will help with this.

When using a new padel racket, you HAVE to hit the ball in the right place of the racket. So if you use a diamond-shaped racket, and you hit the ball in the middle of the racket, then you will not get the best results. 

To choose a padel racket’s shape, you need to find out what game you prefer, is it power? Or control? This will establish what shape, either diamond or round.

how to choose a padel racket

4. How To Choose A Padel Racket's Brand

People always say to me “I don’t know how to choose a padel racket because I don’t know what brand is best”

First of all, there is no “best brand” there are just different brands, and popular brands.

At EverythingPadel we sell Nox, Bullpadel, and Adidas rackets right now. These are all top brands! 

Every racket is different, the same way every brand is different, however, there is more of a similarity between rackets that are in the same brand. 

For example, Bullpadel rackets do vary, however, all of them are slightly lighter than most.

What is your favourite brand? (if you know)

My personal favourite brand is Nox, so usually every year or every time I want to replace my racket, I will replace it with another Nox racket, as I know the racket will be similar but different… does that make sense? 

I know the racket will be similar to what I am used to but will have SOME changes that will help add to my game.

To choose a padel racket’s brand, it might be an idea to choose a popular brand, such as Nox or Adidas. Or, if you see a player that plays similarly to you, maybe their racket brand would be suitable for you. 

The next step is crucial in order to know how to choose a padel racket.

padel rackets

5. How To Choose A Padel Racket's Weight

The weight of the racket is a CRUCIAL step. 

Probably one of the most important ones.

The weight of the racket not only helps you with comfort but also influences how much power/control you have.



  1. Able to move freely
  2. Suitable for young players
  3. Suitable for people with tennis elbow/wrist problems
  4. Faster swing


  1. More power
  2. More stable
  3. Suitable for big smashes
  4. Suitable for aggressive players
To choose a padel racket’s weight, you need to establish if you are after power or control. Heavier will lead to more power and lighter will lead to more control and manoeuvrability. 

Are the points for the light rackets exactly what you want? 

Then perfect, get yourself a light racket, same for if heavy racket points apply to you. 

Again, figure out what you want, and then give some a test hit.

What is the average weight of a padel racket?

  • Very light – 300-325 grams
  • Light – 325-340 grams
  • Average – 350-360 grams
  • Heavy – 360 grams +
how to choose a padel racket

6. How To Choose A Padel Racket's Material

The last step before you are ready to go out and buy is learning what the product is made of and the layers it has.

A beginner racket is usually made of fibreglass, NOT very durable, and not the greatest amount of grip on the ball. 

Not to say that the racket isn’t usable, but remember, what level are we? Do I need this racket? Or do I need something much better?

As we go up to intermediate and advanced rackets, they are mostly made out of carbon fibre. A much more durable material. 


How does this help?

Different rackets will have smoother and rougher surfaces depending on how much grip you want on the ball, or how much spin you want to generate.

Depending on the number of layers the racket has effects the control and power. 

To choose a padel racket’s material you need to analyse the bat. So loads of layers, leads to less power, but more durability and control. Fewer layers means more power, but you guessed it, less durability.

That is all the steps! Here is a table I put together that sums up all of my research.

So now you have a better idea of what rackets to choose, but here are my recommendations for you. 

I chose the following below, based on a number of factors, relevancy, popularity and using the steps above.

Junior players – Wilson Blade Junior

Beginner players – Royal Padel Crono

Intermediate players – Dunlop Boost Control

Advanced – Bullpadel Hack 02

Hope you learned something! I didn’t have a clue of how to choose a padel racket when I first started, so I hope this guide sends you on the right track!

“How to choose a padel racket” – Written by – Ewan Ramsden

Conclusion - My recommendations

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