Improve YOUR Padel in 24 Hours With These 6 Killer Tips

Improve your padel in 24 hours with these 6 killer tips.

Are you one of those people who wants to see results fast on the court?

Don’t want to have to spend hours every day learning technique and fixing your shot selection?

Don’t worry, follow these 6 killer tips, and you can improve your padel in under 24 hours.

improve your padel

Improve Your Padel = Win More Matches

When I say “improve your padel”, what I mean is, that after 24 hours, you will be able to win a LOT more matches. 

Those close games where it goes to tiebreak, will be an easier win for you.

So, let’s get started! Here are 6 killer tips to improve your padel in less than 24 hours.

1. Play Percentage

Playing percentage will win you more matches, this style of play gives you the highest probable chance of winning the point.

What does play percentage in padel mean?

Play percentage means, playing the shots that are MOST likely to win you the point at that given time. This also includes being more consistent. 

For example, when a deep high ball goes up, the best shot to play would be a bandeja, rather than a smash. 

It is possible for the smash to work, but the bandeja has a much higher chance of being successful.

Improve your padel - shot selection

When you start playing percentage, and going for the best type of shots in each situation, this will help improve your shot selection.

Knowing when to play the right shot at the right time will drastically improve your padel. 

What are some good "percentage" shots?

Hit the middle.

Don’t go for that winner down the line, yes it is amazing if you get it, but 5/10 you will miss it. 

The middle is low risk, and can be just as effective. 

Remember, a lot of partners don’t know who’s ball it is, so by hitting the middle, you can spilt them and either take the net or win the point straight away!

Lob a lot as well, this is a good percentage shot, low risk, and allows you to take the net. 

Play these shots and your padel will improve in 24 hours!

2. Soften Your Shots

Soft shots can be just as effective as powerful ones.

I want you to hit the ball as hard as you can, and then half that power, that is the pace you should play at. 

Every ball, around 50-70% in terms of pace, and this will allow you to get a lot more balls in as well as them being effective. 

I always say, when you play hard all the time, you will beat a lot of people. But then you will reach your limit. You will get to that point where you can’t beat those really good players, and it is because you aren’t playing soft.

Will make you more consistent

Soft shots will help your consistency as well. 

Less risk of them going long or into the net.

It is a win win, it is easier, less risk, and mixes up the pace completely, which will improve your padel.

3. Improve Your Communication

One of the best ways to improve your padel, is to work as a team and improve your communciation.

Talk to your partner more!

When you DON’T have the ball, you could be doing something rather than just ball watching. 

This is where you have the chance to talk to your partner, and give them a lot of information to help them choose the right shot for each point.

5 situations to talk in

Below are a few situation where you could talk to your partner.

  • When your partner is lobbed, let them know if the opponents are pushing the net.
  • When your partner receives the ball, or has a few balls in a row, you could tell them to lob to get them out of trouble.
  • Before the serve, you could tell them where you are playing the serve, you could tell them to be more aggressive and close the net!
  • In the rare situation where you have to switch sides, let them know if you want them to move to the left or stay where they are.
  • Calling the ball, when you are unsure who’s ball it is, CALL it!

3 phrases to say

You want to have short, quick phrases. 

You don’t have time in a rally to have full conversations and sentences, so it is best to stick to a couple phrases, see below:

  • “Mine/yours” – for when calling the ball
  • “Both up/one coming up/one back” – for when your partner is lobbed
  • “Up/lob” – for when your partner is under pressure and you want them to lob

You might have to clarify with some people what you mean, sometimes people get confused of what you mean by certain phrases.

improve your padel
Look at how the pro players are talking

4. Use The "Warm Up" Properly

Before every padel match, you have about 5-10 minutes for the warm up, this is really important!

I guarantee, that if you take the warm up seriously, and properly try your shots, then you will improve your padel shots, and you will perform better in the match.

The warm up give you the chance to go for your shots without the worry of missing, you can miss every shot but it doesn’t matter.

But take it seriously, and do it properly.

2 shots you HAVE to focus on in the warm up

For me, I think have as many volleys and overheads as possible. 

These are the shots that are going to win you points and games. 

I don’t see much point in rallying from the back casually, use every minute of the warm up to practise the volleys, bandejas and smashes. 

You will improve your padel in 24 hours if you use the warm up properly.

Look below how the pro players warm up, constant overhead and volleys.

5. Use The "Split Step"

The split step is a little bounce on your toes before every single point. 

This allows you to be quicker to any ball in any direction of the court. 

The split step completely balances you, and allows you to move any direction a lot quicker, it has been scientifically proven that the ankle moves faster when you have a bounce compared to not having a bounce.

You NEED to do the split step, as soon as the opponent contacts the ball, it will allow you to be ready for every single ball.

3 benefits of the split step

  • Earlier preparation.
  • Move around the court faster, reaching more balls.
  • More reaction time – this gives you more time to choose what shot you will play next.
This is easy to implement, you just need more movement on court!

Watch below, Juan Lebron’s feet every time the opponent contacts the ball, he does a little bounce so that he is ready.

6. 5 Bonus Tips For Success On Court

For the 6th tip, I thought I would put together a few bonus tips that are not big enough to have a whole section on:

  • The serve: make sure you aim towards the glass and slice the ball (avoid topspin)
  • Eat well: before and after your match, giving you more energy to improve your movement.
  • Racket up + prepare: Prepare early for every ball and make sure to have your racket up, this will improve your reactions.
  • Watch videos: Hello Padel and the World Padel Tour are great for tips and learning from the best!
  • Read articles: Read at least 1 more article after this one, from the padel blog. You can learn a lot from then and easily improve your padel in the next 24 hours.
improve your padel

Conclusion - Improve Your Padel in 24 Hours

Those are my 6 main tips so you can improve your padel within 24 hours! Even if you follow half of these, you will see results on court and win more matches.

If you learned something from this article, please consider sharing it!

Improve YOUR Padel in 24 Hours With These 6 Killer Tips – Ewan Ramsden

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