Light vs Heavy Padel Rackets, Which Should You Use?

Weight is one of the most crucial factors when choosing a padel racket, if you choose the wrong weight, then you can end up with something that will ruin your game. 

So light vs heavy padel rackets, which should you use? Which is better for your game?

Let’s break down the advantages, disadvantages, and decide which one you should use for your game.

light vs heavy padel rackets

Benefits of Light Padel Rackets

When looking at light vs heavy padel rackets, the ease of use comes into play. 

A lighter padel racket will give you a faster swing, as well as more manoeuvrability, this makes it very easy for beginner players to use.

When you are first starting padel, you want something comfortable, easy to use, something that is going to be very easy to adjust to on court. 

So a light racket is great for new players because of these advantages. 

light vs heavy padel rackets

Benefits Of Heavy padel rackets

With light vs heavy padel rackets, heavy rackets win with the power.

It could be argued that there is only one main benefit to having a heavy padel racket, and that is the fact that they give you a lot more power. 

Now power is really important! 

If you like to pressure to opponents, and play aggressive padel, then a heavy racket is going to allow you to do this. 

A heavier racket can also give you more control, with the multiple layers of materials and added technologies, you can get an increase in control as you strike each ball. 

light vs heavy padel rackets

Disadvantages From Light Padel rackets

Something really light will give you a lack of power and it will be tough for you to get the bite and power on the ball that you really need. 

It may be easier to play with, but when waning to push on to that next level, the racket makes a big difference. 

This is where I think it is important for more intermediate to advanced players that are looking to improve there game, to try out something heavier.

Think now, do you have a padel racket that is too light? 

light vs heavy padel rackets

Disadvantages From heavy Padel rackets

The main disadvantage from a heavy padel racket would be that it can be tough on tennis elbow. 

It can be tough on all types of arm/shoulder strains. 

So if you are using a heavy racket and you feel a strain as you hit the ball, then you will NEED to change padel racket to something lighter.

A heavy padel racket is also harder for a new/beginner player to use! It will give them a slower swing and won’t feel as comfortable on court.

light vs heavy padel rackets

Free Weight Guide

Use this guide when choosing a padel racket. Below is light vs heavy padel rackets in terms of how much they weigh.

LIGHT – 330-350 grams

AVERAGE – 350-370 grams

HEAVY – 370-390 grams

So now when you are browsing online, you can see what makes a light or heavy padel racket. 

Remember, you can also add weight to your racket by placing a lot of over grips and a racket protector. That will probably add around 5-10 grams. Something to bear in mind!

light vs heavy padel rackets

What Is Better?

Light vs heavy padel rackets, which wins?

I ran a quick poll on my EverythingPadel Instagram account as I was interested to see what people prefer, light or heavy? Around 250 people answered and 68% preferred heavy rackets and 32% preferred light rackets.

Now, my main audience is padel players with experience, so I expected that with light vs heavy padel rackets, heavy would win. ..


Light vs heavy padel rackets – what is better?

I think that lighter padel rackets are much more suited for beginner and early intermediate players. 

Heavier padel rackets are more suited for more advanced players with experience and need more power.

Of course, ANYONE with tennis elbow/epicondylitis problems should use a lighter bat.  

Hope this helped! – Let me know what you prefer, light or heavy?

Light VS Heavy Padel Rackets – Ewan Ramsden

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