How To Get More Control On Your Padel Shots! (5+ Ways)

Do you want more control on your padel shots? A perfect volley? Or be able to pick apart your opponents tactically with precision and accuracy?

Here are 5 easy hacks of how to get more control on your padel shots. 

more control on your padel shots

1. Hit On The "Sweet Spot"

Make sure that you are aware of what shape your padel racket is, where is the sweet spot? 

This is where you need to hit the ball every time to get the best ball out put as possible. 

If you hit the ball right in the sweet spot, you will get the most control, and the highest chance of the ball going exactly where you want it to. 

If you clip the edges of your racket, or not the right spot, you will lack both power and control.

What shape is your racket?

If you have a round shaped racket, then the sweet spot will be in the centre, if it is diamond shaped, it will most likely be at the top, and if it is teardrop shape, then it will most likely be in between the centre and the top.  

Think about what shape yours is, and then you will know exactly where to strike the ball. 

more control on your padel shots

2. Slow Your Swing

Slow down the speed of your swing, this will drastically increase control, it reduces the chances of the ball going out. 

When the swing is too fast, it becomes much harder to stop the ball either going long or hitting the net. 

From the back of the court, you don’t need to hit hard, so it is good place to practise slowing your swing. 

2 tips for a slow swing

  1. Go slow all the way through the ball, do not just tap the ball, when you want to play soft, you still need to hit the ball properly and strike all the way through. 
  2. Have a short swing, and a longer follow through after, this will increase your control drastically.
more control on your padel shots

3. Change Your Grip

Make sure you are using the continental or chopper grip, this gives you the most dexterity, comfort, and more control on your padel shots. 

With this grip, your racket will be slightly facing up, making it a lot harder to hit the net from the back of the court with your groundstrokes. 

Get a different grip

You can look into get a Hesacore grip or an X grip, this is a grip that will be soon in the EverythingPadel shop, this is designed to offer maximum comfort, control, and help tennis elbow/arm strains. 

This type of grip on your racket can help control as it stabilises your hand massively, a lot of Bullpadel rackets come equipped with the Hesacore grip already. 

more control on your padel shots
This is a Hesacore Grip

4. Change To A "Control" racket

What shape is your padel racket now? Where is the sweet spot? What is your racket designed to increase? 

If the answers, were diamond, at the top, and to increase power, then you will struggle to get as much precision and accuracy on each shot. 

A control racket with a large sweet spot will help you strike each ball with the most accuracy. 

Get even balance as well

If you want more control on your padel shots, as well as comfort then a racket with even balance will help with this. 

Even balance means that the weight of the racket is evenly distributed across your racket. 

If you have a high balance, then it means the weight will be at the top of your padel racket, the bat will be HEAD HEAVY.

Imagine you are holding a hammer, if you help it at the bottom of the grip, and swung with it, then you would get more power, but it would be harder to aim it perfectly. 

If you held the hammer at the top just below the head, then you would get more control, but less power. 

This concept is the exact same with a padel racket.

So, to recap, if you want MORE comfort and control on court, get a racket with low/even balance.

2 Recommendations For Control

Here are 2 recommendations for a racket that will give you more control on your padel shots.

Check them out!
more control on your padel shots

5. Prepare Early

If you want more control on your padel shots, preparing early is the easiest and most simple way of doing so. 

If you prepare late, then your technique will suffer, and then your shot can easily go very wrong.

Even when you don’t have the ball, make sure you are ready for the next ball, and don’t drop your racket at any point. 

When the racket is prepared early, it is in the right place, the right angle, and the shot can be performed a lot easier. 

Overall, it is much easier to control each ball when you have an early preparation, the chances of mistakes are reduced massively. 

Look how she prepares early!

Conclusion - Get More Control On
Your Padel Shots

Those are the 5 easy hacks to get more control on your padel shots. 

A couple things to take away would be to make sure you are aware of where you are striking the ball on your padel racket, and if your racket is right for your game.

How To Get More Control On Your Padel Shots – Ewan Ramsden

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