Nox ML10 Pro Cup Review

As one of the most popular and recognisable padel rackets on the market today, I needed to go more in depth about this bat. Here is the Nox ML10 Pro Cup Review!

Let’s discover what makes this racket SO popular and why it has been kept on by Nox for many years now.

Let’s get started, the Nox ML10 Pro Cup review:

nox ml10 pro cup review

Best Seller

For my Nox ML10 Pro Cup review I want to see why this is such a popular bat!

At EverythingPadel this has been our best seller, people just LOVE this bat.

Even without trying it, people are drawn to it, a simple and clean design, at a fairly good price at £169.99 attracts a lot of people. 

There was a time last year where over 30% of our sales were from the Pro Cup.

That. Is. Crazy.

1 in 3 rackets that we sold were the pro cup.

I just had to include this stat in the Nox ML10 pro cup review.

But Why...

I think there are a few main reasons why this is:

  • Simplicity
  • Miguel Lamperti uses it
  • Control Oriented
  • Good price
  • Recognisable

I think these are the main factors as to why it is so popular, let’s review these further!

nox ml10 pro cup review

Simplicity and Recognisable

Both of these are certainly factors as to why this is such a great racket.


A simple concept and design, not too many technical features, but a LOT of comfort and control.

A lot of people when looking for a racket are overwhelmed by the amount of choice, so when they find something that is simple, with comfort and control, that feels good on court, then they are happy.


This has been popular for years, and usually NOX will release a complete new set of rackets each year. 

But for the past 3 years, they have kept it on!

This means that the racket is very recognisable in the padel market. Again, people are more likely to go with something very established rather than something brand new.

Nox even said themselves “if it works, why change it?”

Proving that it is a tested and loved racket among padel fans.

Used By The Pro Padel Player

The Nox Ml10 Pro Cup is used by the professional world padel tour player, Miguel Lamperti.

Miguel Lamperti has been one of the best WPT players for a while, and he has used this racket. 

The great thing about this is, that you can experience the same sensations and feelings that he would on court!

Nox keeps the rackets the same that the pro players use, this an amazing selling point as people want to play with the same bat that they best players do.

A great selling point, I had to include it in the Nox Ml10 Pro Cup review!

nox ml10 pro cup review
Here is Miguel Lamperti using the Nox Ml10 Pro Cup

Control Oriented

Power and control are just as important in padel tennis, so may argue that control is actually more important.

The Nox Ml10 Pro Cup is control oriented.

A couple of factors make this control oriented, they are:

  • Carbon frame – strong, durbale material that soaks up the ball.
  • Large sweet spot in the middle of the racket

Remember the sweet spot is the most effective place to hit the ball!

So we know that the pro cup, comfortable, easy to use and has high control. 

Other Technologies

Here are some other technologies that are used in this racket!

  • High density core (increases power)
  • Rigid face (increases durability)
  •  Dynamic com-posit structure (strengthens the racket and increases durability)
nox ml10 pro cup review

Conclusion - Nox Ml10 Pro Cup Review

Overall my Nox ML10 pro cup review is that this is an amazing racket for control oriented players and players ranging from intermediate to advanced!

Highly recommend this one!

My Overall Rating

I calculate my rating on a 1-10 scale, judging the appearance, how effective it is for what it is meant for (if it is meant for power and has no power then it 0/10), and material.

My overall rating is 28/30! (8/10 for appearance, 10/10 for what it is meant for, and 10/10 for material.

Get yours now!

“Nox ML10 Pro Cup Review” – Ewan Ramsden

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