7 Padel COACHING Tips From Hello Padel England (Dan Troy)

Want to know how to get the best out of people when coaching them? 

This could be for padel coaches, parents, people teaching others, or people training to become coaches.

I spoke to Hello Padel England (Danny Troy) to find out the secret padel coaching tips to not only improve someones game, but get the best out of them as well. 

These padel coaching tips can be useful for any type of sport, and some of them even apply to any kind of teaching/coaching. 

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What is Hello Padel? How will it help us?

This was my first question for Dan, I know that people want to properly understand Hello Padel, and how it will benefit them.

“Hello Padel is a coaching platform that was set up by the expertise of Mauri Andrini. He has developed a methodology of coaching that can be learned and then passed on to others. He has set up Hello Padel Academies in other countries in Europe and we are fortunate to have been able to create Hello Padel Academy England.

This coaching platform allows people to learn both at the clubs and online, it enables the coaches to be taught from Mauri Andrini, gaining understanding and knowledge based on his coaching ideas and experience.

Learning from the best in the padel world in order to then filter that to all our clubs in order to create a coaching foundation that is consistent and of the highest standard in order to give clients the opportunity to be the best that they can be.”

The highest standard of coaching

Overall, this shows that Hello Padel is the HIGHEST standard of padel coaching across the world. 

So let’s have a look at the padel coaching tips that make an excellent coach, and how you can get the best out of ANYONE when teaching them.

1. Doesn't Matter If You Lose

The first of the padel coaching tips is to focus less on the winning/losing, and instead on learning and improving your game.

This is what Dan said:

“Do not put a focus on winning but instead in learning and improving. You can win and play badly and not be happy and lose and play fantastic and feel great. Emphasis has to be on learning and not results.”

The idea behind this, is that for BOTH student and coach, that they should be looking at improving and learning, rather than success and failure.

You may have a very bad technical shot, now when trying to fix this, it may have to get worse before it gets better. 

Coaches must be patient

Coaches as well, have to look at the improvement rather than the success of their shots. 

The student may miss 10 shots in a row, but if the technique has improved, then it is okay, you have to be patient and focus on the improvement rather than the end result.

Padel coaching tips are useful for students as well as coaches!

padel coaching tips

2. Coach In Accordance Of The Individual

Different players need different styles of coaching, different kinds of drills, and different techniques of coaching. 

One thing that may work on one student, may not work on another.

“To coach in accordance to the individual, everyone is different we all learn in different ways, we all have different capabilities.

Learn to know the individual, treat them with respect, value them as a person and learn who they are in order to coach them with the communication and learning styles necessary for them to gain maximum learning in a way that they understand.”

This is a really important tip from Dan, some students may want to have more fun, and some are desperate to improve. 

You can alter your style and intensity depending on who you are coaching.

3. Don't Let The Bad Habits Continue

The next of the padel coaching tips that Dan told me, was to never let bad habits carry on, I think this one can be easier to let slip, especially with better players.

Don’t let bad techniques carry on, don’t be afraid to stop the session in order to correct things.”

It can be frustrating to try and fix something that is very subtle, maybe the player is still returning the shot, but the technique is not perfect.

“Don’t be afraid to stop the session”

This is a great tip, it is very easy when coaching to just feed balls, but sometimes you need to stop the session and tell them they are making a mistake.

padel coaching tips

4. Steal From others

This goes for players, and nearly anything in life, never stop learning!

Dan says that in order to improve ourselves we must:

Steal things from other coaches. Don’t ever stop learning when you see things work for other people then learn from them. Take some padel coaching tips from other coaches”

This can help a lot! Especially when you are struggling to the fix the technique of a specific student.

Learn from Hello Padel!

Make sure you are following Hello Padel + Hello Padel England on all social media platforms, as well as going online and watching the videos, this can help you as a player and a coach. 

They have hundreds of padel coaching tips, and tips for players as well.

5. Coaching Positioning Is Key

One of the most underrated padel coaching tips!

These are the tiny details that turn you from a good coach, into a GREAT coach. A Hello Padel level coach.

“Coaching positioning is important, make sure you are always the one uncomfortable and the clients are comfortable (sun). Make sure you never talk with your back to people, always make sure clients are in front of you. When demonstrating always be placed so that clients can see fully”

Everything you are saying to your student needs to be heard clearly, and fully understood.

How to get the BEST out of them

All of these padel coaching tips allow you to get the best out of your client. 

If you speak to them when your back is turned to them, or from too far away, they are not getting the clear instructions.

The sun is another big one, no client enjoys staring at the sun while trying to return a ball.

When you are coaching, you want to get the BEST out of the client, so these extra details help a lot.

6. Bring It To Basics For Any Kind Of Player

The next of the padel coaching tips is bring it back to basics. 

Just because you may be coaching an advanced player, doesn’t mean the drills have to be incredibly intense and fast paced. 

The advanced players could have some technical problems that you need to slow right down in order to fix.

“Never be afraid to hand feed for any standard of player”

Hand feed slows it right down, and makes it a lot easier to get the technique correct.

7. Punctuality

The last of the 7 padel coaching tips from Dan is:

“Always be prepared, make sure you are always there before the client in order to meet and greet them. Set up any equipment that is necessary and make sure you are ready to start promptly.”

This leaves a great impression on clients, and helps you as well plan the lesson so that is the BEST that it can be.

padel coaching tips.

2 Questions For hello padel england

Now we have had the padel coaching tips, I thought it would be interesting to ask some questions for Dan!

What is the hardest thing to coach?

“The hardest things to coach is components that you have no control over, the mental side of the game, for example movement and footwork or control vs power.

You can be shown how to do some footwork drills but it is the choice of the individual learner to move, to hit hard or soft, to do the extra movement to get behind the ball.

We can help correct technique and to physically control a bat and a certain movement for shots but it is the drive and the willingness to learn, the input of effort and the ability to listen acknowledge and then try to physically act on it.”

What is easier, breaking a bad habit from a player, or teaching a beginner a new shot?

Teaching a beginner that has no background in a racket sport before is easier as you can coach them entirely from scratch, making sure that everything technically is correct and being able to influence your knowledge and skills to a clean slate as you were. 

Trying to break bad habits in players is harder due to having to not only change technique that they have used for years and inputting a totally different physical technique to the shot . 

Also having to change a mental stubbornness that subconsciously they have done certain things for years and doing something new may be considered uncomfortable and incorrect in their own way of thinking.

padel coaching tips

Anyone Can Use These Padel Coaching Tips

Overall, these padel coaching tips are incredibly useful for any type of coach, players themselves, or in any form of teaching. 

Huge thank you to Dan for sharing some of the incredible padel coaching tips and tricks that make him and Hello Padel such amazing coaches.

“7 Padel Coaching Tips From Hello Padel England!” – Dan Troy + Ewan Ramsden

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