5 Features to Look For On Your
Padel Racket For Power!

5 features to look for on your padel racket for power!

Do you want to know how to get more power on your smash? How to pressure the opponents as heavily as possible? 

Well, make sure the next time you are looking for a padel racket, you consider these 5 features.

If you a racket with all of these features, you will have the most powerful shot on the court. 

Let’s break down 5 features to look for on your padel racket for POWER.

padel racket for power

1. Diamond Shape

Without a doubt the most important feature, this shape allows the sweet spot of your padel racket to be right at the top. Which means you can get the most power possible. 

When you hit a smash, you should be aiming to hit the ball right at the top of the racket, so the fact that the sweet spot is already there, it helps SO much to get more power. 

Remember, the sweet spot is the most effective place to hit the ball.

So when you play your most aggressive shots, the diamond shaped racket will thrive, the racket wants you to smash with it. 

padel racket for power

2. High balance

Balance is a huge factor when finding a padel racket for power. 

What does balance mean? 

So if the balance is low, it means the weight is evenly distributed across the racket, this will help with control. 

If the balance is high, it means there is more weight at the top of the racket, which will give you more power, as there is more weight there. 

Some of the pro players add weights to the top of there padel racket, to increase the power on the kick smash and flat smash. 

If you want a padel racket for power, then get a high balance racket!

padel racket for power

3. Hesacore Grip/X Grip

You wouldn’t think it, but the best padel racket for power can be improved with a different grip. 

There is such thing as a hesacore grip, or X grip, these grips provide more stability, reduce vibrations to your arm, helps your arm stay more relaxed. 

This is CRUCIAL for increasing power, you need to be relaxed, have comfort, and not slip out of your grip. 

These grips are great as this helps with all of this, the minute you slip out of your grip, all of your power will go. 

A LOT of the pro padel players are now using this type of grip, they are becoming very popular. 

padel racket for power
Here is a hesacore grip!

4. Customisable Weights

Customisable weights are now a new feature that is being used with all the top padel rackets that are coming out each year. 

Comfort is SO important, so you need to make sure you have the perfect weight for YOU. 

The adidas Metalbone has customisable weights that are included with the bat, and the high end Bullpadel rackets also has the option to buy extra weights that will help you get more power. 

Surely the more weights the better right?

Not always, comfort is the main thing that will give you the most power. 

If the racket is too heavy, then your swing will be too slow and your arm may ache, tjhat will reduce your power. 

The metalbone allows you to choose the right weight for you, you can take some off to make it lighter, or increase more to get the most power possible. 

padel racket for power

5. Carbon Frame + Face

If you want to find a good padel racket for power, then you are going to need a carbon material used. 

A strong frame and face with drastically increase the power on all of your shots, carbon is stronger and more durable than fiberglass, which means it is really important to get it on your racket. 

The durability means it will be a lot less likely to crack when you constantly hit the ball hard.

Carbon face, will also increase the ball speed off the face of the racket, this increase power as the ball will travel much faster when you strike each ball.

padel racket for power

The Best Padel racket For Power?

So now you know which features you need, this is all well and good, but what rackets actually have all of these? Which of them are the best padel racket for power?

Here are a couple recommendations….

Both have customisable weights, high balance, diamond shape, and carbon frame. 

Without a doubt the best padel racket for power, for me is the Metalbone or the Hack.

“5 Features To Look For On Your Padel Racket For Power!” – Ewan Ramsden

padel racket for power

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