6 Simple Padel Serve Tips To Transform Your Game

The padel serve is SO important and definitely underrated, so I thought I would put together some padel serve tips that will not only help transform your game, but also win more points at the net.

I have talked about this shot before in my underrated padel shots article, but I want to go more in depth on how to do this, why it is important and some tips to help you.

So here are 6 padel serve tips to transform your game!

padel serve tips

1. Run To The Net

I have to include this in the padel serve tips, it is the most crucial and fundamental movement you MUST do after the serve.

Sometimes I see people that used to run to the net after serve, and then stopped doing so!

It is so important that you run to the net after the serve, it gives you a free chance to take the net, we must capitalise on this!

Why now?

When you serve, both opponents are at the back of the court, there is no threat from them being there, so we must run to the net so that we can pressure them from the get go.

The main reasons are:

  • To instantly pressure the opponent
  • If the serve is good, you can win the point quickly with an aggressive volley, bandeja or smash.
The whole reason why we serve, is so we can get to the net. Your whole serve should be based around trying to get to the net position.

Change your mindset

Your mindset should be less about trying to get a winner off the serve, and more about trying to get to the net.

The whole reason why we serve, is so we can get to the net. Your whole serve should be based around trying to get to the net position.

padel serve tips

2. Aim For The Glass

When we serve, we still need to make it tricky for the opponent to return, in order to make the most out of our new position at the net.

The BEST place to serve to, is the glass, that will cause opponents the most trouble. Through beginner, and intermediate level, you will catch people out with a serve to the glass.

The glass gives you time

Do you want more time running to the net position?

Serve to the glass, that extra bounce off a wall will give you an extra second to get in the right position at the net.

One of the more important padel serve tips!

3. Not So Fast

A common misconception is that the serve has to be hit in as fast as possible.

People see speed and power and think that this is the best way to hit the ball.

But think, why are we doing this serve?

To get to the net.

By serving SO fast, you don’t give yourself much time to get to the net, and it means you have to sprint in as fast as possible.

This makes it easy for the opponent to play a lob or a passing shot, that you will miss because of how fast you ran into the net.

Play with 60%-70% power, into the glass, this will give you plenty of time to get to the net. 

Sometimes we can

I always speak about changing the pace and mixing it up.

This applies to the serve as well!

Catch your opponent off guard by playing 10 serves in a row slow to the glass, and then the next one fast down the middle.

This will frustrate your opponent, and take them by surprise. 

They will JUST get to grips with returning from the glass, and then you serve down the middle, catching them out, and putting yourself in a position to win the point from the net position.

One of the most underrated padel serve tips!

In the video below, watch how slow the second serve is, you wouldn’t expect this from the World Padel Tour players!

4. The Type Of Spin Is Important

Out of all the padel serve tips, this once might be a bit trickier to learn if you haven’t come from a racket background and new to padel.

What spin should I be putting on the serve?


This is the best type of spin to put on the ball, it keeps the ball very low, and means it will come down after the glass, rather than popping up.

Remember, we want to make it tricky to return, so that we can capitalise at the net.

I don't recommend topspin

Topspin makes the ball rise and bounce up. We don’t want this to happen.

It is just far too easy for our opponents when we use topspin, they could probably let it bounce off all the walls and then play the ball due to the spin making the ball rise.

Playing flat is okay as well...

If you haven’t learnt how to slice the ball yet, or are not very good at it/inconsistent, then don’t worry.

You can just play the ball flat, this is still okay and can be effective. 

As long as you get the direction and pace right, then the serve will still be good!

padel serve tips

5. Please Don't Double Fault

One of the padel serve tips I always give out is to avoid the double fault, be very careful on that second serve.

The double fault is such a cheap point to concede, it is somewhat acceptable in tennis, with the pro players maybe double faulting 2-3 times in a game.

I don’t think I have EVER seen a double fault from the professional players in the World Padel Tour. 

I maybe see a few mistakes on that first serve, but the second on, just has to go in. 

The serve does not have to be something special! We can just play at a decent pace towards the glass, and it is okay. 

Padel serve tips to avoid the double fault

  • Do not rush! The number 1 cause of the double fault in padel is people rushing and not taking there time.
  • Keep it simple, the second serve just needs to go in.
  • Play more central, don’t aim towards the glass or down the T.
  • Play even slower, remember it gives you more time to get to the net.

6. Practise All The Time.

The great thing about the serve is that you get to practise it a lot. 

You get two attempts at a serve, and in your service game there could be over 8 times where you are serving depending on how close the game is. 

This gives you a great chance to practise. 

That first serve you can try playing to the glass, if it goes wrong, then the second serve you can make it nice and simple.

Some padel serve tips for practising

  • Don’t overthink the serve too much.
  • Practise slice by simply bouncing a ball and brushing down on it.
  • Don’t rush the motion, keep it controlled and relaxed.
  • Practise playing at the slower pace, to give you time to come into the net.
  • Play a cross court game, (diagonal singles) you will serve a lot more which gives you time to practise it.
padel serve tips

Conclusion - 7 Padel Serve Tips

Overall the padel serve is a very underrated shot, and become a weapon if you practise it enough.

The best padel serve tips would be:

  • Aim for the glass.
  • Controlled pace.
  • Change the place and the pace as well.
  • Keep it consistent.
  • Close the net after you serve.

Hope you learned something from these padel serve tips!

7 Padel Serve Tips To Transform Your Game – Ewan Ramsden

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