5 Padel Smash Tips

padel smash tips
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The padel smash is one of the hardest shots to do correctly in padel. I thought I would put down 5 padel smash tips to help you improve at this.

Something to note, there are two main types of smash in padel:

  • Flat (More power based and just to try and finish the point)
  • Kick smash – (Trying to kick the ball outside of the court)

We are going to look at the kick smash today!

This post will guide you through the best tips for getting a better kick smash, and why it is important to have this shot as a part of your game. 

1. Topspin

The first and one of the most important padel smash tips is to have good topspin on your smash. The topspin forces the ball to kick up after it is hit against the glass. The way we do this is by brushing up the back of the ball as we are hitting.

We want to get a nice rotation on the ball, rather than hitting it flat!

Make sure you are brushing up the ball rather than sideways, otherwise the ball will get sidespin, which will not cause the ball to kick up.

Topspin is can be hard to learn. You will need to spend a lot of time practising the technique to get a good brush on this ball.

How To Learn Topspin

How do I learn topspin in padel?

This can be tricky, but with enough practise, you will get it. Practise against a wall constantly brushing up the ball so you see it kicking up after the glass.

Then you can try and implement this on your smash during the game.

padel smash tips

2. Plant Your Feet

The second of the padel smash tips is to plant your feet.

Your feet movement is crucial for a good kick smash.

As a player, you need to anticipate the ball quickly. As soon as your opponent attempts to play the ball, you need to move your feet back quickly so that you are behind the ball and ready for it. 

Before you contact make sure your feet are planted, so that you have a steady base to hit from. This will help with power and your coordination to execute perfect timing.

So, remember, move back, turn sideways on and then plant your feet.

3. Aiming The Ball

This is one of the most important padel smash tips.

Where should I aim the ball?

The ball should be aimed at so that it bounces at the highest point of the glass. Make sure that your first bounce is nice and early on the court so that it still has enough speed and momentum to rise and then continue to rise after hitting the wall.

If you hit it too short then the ball will lose momentum and not rise after hitting the back wall.

Hitting it too deep will lead to the ball not getting enough height to be able to go out the side.

What part of the glass should the ball hit?

Ideally, you want the ball to hit about 2 metres in from the side glass. 

If it is too far away from the side glass, then the ball won’t reach far enough and get out the side. 

Too close, and the ball will hit the side wall early, before getting the height needed to get out the side.

4. Contact Point

A common error with the kick smash is players hitting the ball in front of them. 

This ball needs to be struck above your head, or if you want even more kick, then slightly behind your head. 

It is MUCH easier to get more topspin on your smash when you hit it slightly behind your head.

On your actual racket face, the contact point needs to be near the top of the racket.

Get a diamond shaped racket...

When smashing the ball we want to hit the ball at the top of the racket, so if we get a diamond shaped racket this will help us?


Because diamond shaped rackets will have the sweet spot at the top of the racket, meaning you will get ultimate power on the smash.

padel smash tips

5. Extra Tips

Here a few extra tips for your smash! 

  • Holding the racket slightly lower on the grip, this will help you get more wrist snap, and more kick.
  • Make sure to relax your wrist and get that snap after you strike the ball to get a larger bounce on the ball.
  • Kick your right leg out to balance.
  • Arch your back so that you can spring up when you hit the ball to get more power.
  • Power isn’t everything, technique and anticipation are more important.
  • Use your left arm to point to the ball.
It is still possible to do the smash without these tips, these are just a few extra ones that will help you perfect the technique.

Why Is this Shot So Effective?

 If you perfect this shot then you will win a lot more matches. 

There is a factor that is greater than the actual shot itself, and that is the intimidation factor.

The intimidation factor for the opponents is one of them, they will not want to give you a high lob because they know you can kick it out easily. 

Players all the way through beginner, intermediate and some advanced, will not be able to anticipate the ball going out the court. 

It is unlikely they will be able to run out and play it back in. Even if they do this, you are in a great position to win the point.

You now have a new shot, the fake smash

Another shot you now have access to is the fake smash. 

As your opponent’s read you more and can see that you are going to smash and begin running for the ball, you can practise the fake smash, which will you a lot of points as well.

This is where you are pretending to do a smash, waiting for the opponents to run forward, and then actually playing a soft soft.

An easy way to win a point!

Conclusion - 5 Padel Smash Tips

This shot is hard. It may take years to get it right. A lot of practise will need to be done to perfect the technique. Focus on these padel smash tips I have given you today and you will notice a difference.

Follow all of these padel smash tips!

5 Padel Smash Tips – Ewan Ramsden

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