14 Padel Tennis Facts That Will BLOW Your Mind

Padel is growing at a fast rate across the world, let’s talk about some amazing padel tennis facts and stats that will blow your mind. 

After these padel tennis facts, you will want to get on the court and start playing.

padel tennis facts

1. Padel is more popular than tennis

Padel is more popular than tennis in Spain and other parts of the world! In Spain now, there are over 4 million players and the only sport that is bigger is football.

It just keep getting bigger as more and more people move to the sport.

2. The fastest growing sport

One of the craziest padel tennis facts!

Padel is the fastest growing sport in the world, increasing at a rapid rate around the world. 

Sweden has had a huge increase of players and 450 courts were built in 2020 and over 1,000,000 bookings were made!

I have seen a huge increase across France, Netherland, United Arab Erimates, and the USA.

It will not be long before it hits the UK, just wait.

Check out the video below showing how popular the sport is in Sweden.

3. Only 80,000 players in the UK

It is incredible how there is only 80,000 players in the UK. 

Les than 1% of the players in Spain!

That is crazy!

How a place only 2 hours away in a plane can have such a different experience with a sport. 

Out of all the padel tennis facts, I hate this one the most, we need more UK players!

Let’s HOPE that padel reaches the millions in players soon.

4. Doubles only

Padel is doubles only, people try and play singles but it only works in a training scenario or if you play cross court (diagonal).

The court is too big to cover and the game is not as fun!

There are a few courts that were created just for singles, but again, this is nowhere near as popular as the doubles game.

5. The celebs love it

There are a LOT of celebrities that LOVE padel. 

Footballers, influencers and actors all enjoy the sport.

Jurgen Klopp, Neymar, David Beckham, and Messi have been spotted playing it. 

A lot of them promote it on there social media showing how good it is!

padel tennis facts

6. Padel is not an olympic sport

Unfortunately, padel is not an olympic sport, but it will be soon.

The olympics need a certain amount of countries to have players and active clubs in order to enter the nations. 

To be honest, the padel olympics would be boring to watch, Spain and Argentina would win EVERY single game!

7. 20 million players worldwide

So with 4 million players in Spain, 20% of all players are playing there! 

The numbers across the world are now scattered, with the majority in:

  • Spain
  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • France
  • Netherlands
  • Sweden
  • United Arab Erimates

8. The sport was invented out of nothing

There was no big concept to come up with a tennis like game but with walls.

Instead, Enrique Corcuera built walls around his garden when playing tennis to stop the ball from going into the neighbours garden. 

With a few adjustments, this then turned into the sport we know and love today!

padel tennis facts
The inventor of padel!

9. You can run out the court and play it back in

One of the craziest padel tennis facts, this one you kind of need to see it to believe it. 

So I have put a video below, basically if you watch any professional padel match, then you will see players running out the court and playing it back in.

It is called “saca por tres” – “out by three”

10. Rallies last 60-70% longer than tennis

Because of the use of the walls and 4 players. The rallies last a LOT longer than other sports.

This is because consistency and tactics come into play more than they do in tennis.

Tennis is a lot more power oriented and players will go for there shots, where as in padel the rallies go on a lot longer.

11. 900,000 padel rackets were sold last year

900,000 padel rackets were sold last year, compared to 400,000 tennis rackets. 

This shows how there are so many new padel players that need rackets!

12. 30% of padel players are women

One my favourites of the padel tennis facts, it is great to see so many women enjoying the sport and not have it completely male dominated. 

30%, compared to only 15% in tennis.

So if you think padel is a man’s game, think again. 

padel tennis facts

13. 415,000,000 views in the WPT

On the World Padel Tour youtube channel, there are over 415 MILLION views, and 11 million of these have come in the last 30 days.

Showing how the sport is growing fast and it brings people in from all over the globe!

Check out some of the crazy points below!

14. 25% Of Shots Played In The WPT Are Lobs

This one is for the active padel players.

In the World Padel Tour, (for those that don’t know this is where the professionals play) 1 in 4 shots were lobs, showing how crucial the lob is to learn in padel!

You must improve your lobs!

padel tennis facts

Conclusion - Padel Tennis Facts

Hope you learnt something in my padel tennis facts list!

If you want to know more padel tennis facts, then check out our blog.

Make sure you get yourself on court this year.

14 Padel Tennis Facts That Will Blow Your Mind – Ewan Ramsden

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