3 Secret Padel Tips and Tricks They Don't Tell You About

Do you want to get that slight edge over your competition and your opponents? 

The padel tips and tricks that not that many people get taught, and not many people talk about?

Today, I am going to break down 4 secret padel tips and tricks they don’t tell you about.

padel tips and tricks

"Secret Padel Tips and Tricks"

What I mean by this, is that these are tips that are not common, well known or will work EVERY single time.

These are the tips that are not conventionally taught often, and are more sneaky tactics that people use to get that slight edge over the opponent.

But, the smart players use them, and this makes the difference between those games that they lose 6-4 6-3 7-6, into a win. 

So let’s get started, here are 4 padel tips and tricks.

1. The Serve Strategy

The first of the padel tips and tricks, is the serve strategy.

I use this myself a lot, and I save it for the close and crucial points, to really take my opponents by surprise.

What is the serve strategy?

This is the process of mixing up your serve with body language and disguise in order to surprise your opponent and get some free and easy points.

The serve strategy explained

Let’s go into this further, I always advise to serve to the glass, which you should do, it makes it tricky for the opponent to return. 

However, after the 20th time you have served to the glass, your opponents will have worked out how to deal with it, and will be a LOT more prepared for it.

So now, we do the same preparation, same body language, eye contact with the glass, and then….

Serve down the middle. 

It doesn't matter if they return it

Now, hopefully, this will have surprised your opponent enough, that they don’t expect it and are unable to return the ball.

But EVEN if they get the ball back, it doesn’t matter.

NOW, your opponent doesn’t know where you are going to serve to, they will be less prepared, it keeps them guessing. 

Personally, if you do this tactic correctly, you can get 2-3 extra points in a game, now let’s say we choose these points at the right time, maybe when it is at our advantage on deuce.

If we win 3 points from our advantage, that is 3 extra games.

This is how you get the edge on your opponents, by winning those CRUCIAL points.

2. Dealing With Your Partner

If you can work effectively as a team, then you will become stronger with your partner. 

Now this is part of my secret padel tips and tricks, because you mostly get taught how to play by yourself, rather than working together as a team.

Also, the psychology behind how to get the best out of your partner.

4 padel tips and tricks for dealing with your partner

  • Don’t ever criticise, your partner will know when they have made a mistake, so you need to keep their confidence up. 
  • Uses phrases such as “hard luck” and “unlucky” to keep confidence up.
  • Talk tactics with your partner, point out weaknesses in the opponent.
  • Communicate well: let them know if the opponent is approaching the net, or what they could do in the middle of a point. 

The biggest NO-GO with your partner

Do not ever coach your partner!

It does not work at all and will only decrease their confidence throughout the game.

For me, as a padel coach myself, I don’t coach people during a game. Unless it is a specific coaching matchplay, even then I don’t coach half as much as I would in a lesson.


  • Completely breaks the momentum of any game by constantly stopping and hearing advice.
  • Causes the partner to overthink every shot if they get coaching after every point.
  • Lowers confidence of the partner.
  • Can sometimes annoy the partner, they don’t want coaching when they are playing.


Even if you are CLEARLY the better player, coaching your partner will do more harm than good.

padel tips and tricks
Talk like Lebron and Galan!

3. the grip

Let’s go into some technical padel tips and tricks now.

Altering your grip can have some drastic improvements on your game.

It can change the power, control, and overall outcome on the ball, so let’s look at our grip to see what we can do to help our shots.

Hold the grip lower for more power

Lot’s of people hold the grip very high up, because it helps them keep their control. 

We want a nice relaxed wrist, so holding the grip lower will help with this.

If you want more power on your smash, and more kick, then hold the grip lower and looser, this allows for more wrist action!

Don't hold too tightly

The looser and lower you hold your grip, the more relaxed you will be on court, and you will be able to get more power and spin on the ball.

You can use and throw your whole wrist into the shot when you do this strategy.

Again, not enough people talk about these padel tips and tricks, these are the tips that are going to make your shots more technically sound, and help you look more of a natural player on court.

One of the technical padel tips and tricks, but really effective.

padel tips and tricks

Conclusion - 4 Secret Padel Tips and Tricks They Don't Tell You About

Overall, if you follow these 4 padel tips and tricks, then you will able to get an edge over your opponent.

I think the most underrated one is the serve strategy, no one does this! But it can be so effective. 

“4 secret padel tips and tricks they don’t tell you about” – Ewan Ramsden

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