5 Simple Padel Training Drills To 10x Your Game

Do you want to know what coaches and the best players do to get better?

How did they get to their level?

This wasn’t just through matches and lessons, padel training drills and exercises is what really improved their game.

So, today, I am going to break down the 5 padel training drills that I use, and this is what really helps to 10x your game and ability.

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1. Baskets

Let’ start with a really simple padel training drill.

Take a basket of balls and feed another player.

This is SO good to build up consistency and work on the weak shots.

Take a shot and feed 50 balls to that specific shot, and by the end of the basket, we are barely missing a ball. 

If you can do this, before a game, or before a tournament, you will play so well. The basket will give you the best warm up and you will get a great feel for the ball and your racket.

The biggest mistake players make with the basket

This is the perfect opportunity to work on the weakest/hardest shots to do in a game.

I would prioritise, volleys, bandejas, and off the wall shots here.

There is no point practising forehand and backhand from the back of the court, focus on the points that will WIN you the matches. For example, the volleys and overheads are crucial to your game.

Obviously, if you have a weak shot, work on it. Make sure to prioritise this in this order:

  • Weakest shots
  • Important shots

Padel training with baskets is important

It is really important that you use the baskets, it gives you unlimited options, and you can practise any shot effectively. 

Basket checklist for success with padel training:

  • Have a consistent feed of the ball
  • Focus on weak and important shots first
  • Have a regular basket session
  • Make sure you set up the basket in a good position so the other player can feed (diagonal is usually good)
padel training

2. Up + Down

This is one is a very intense padel training drill. But one of the most important. Again, you will need someone else to feed a ball here from a basket.

This drill is amazing for your fitness, and it is a very realistic drill for a game situation.

The way the drill works is as follow:

  • You get fed a forehand volley at the net.
  • A deep, high ball is then played where you have to run back and play a bandeja or vibora.
  • The process is continued until all balls are played.

What does this padel training drill help?

First of all, it helps your volleys and bandejas.

BUT, it helps them in a realistic way, in a game situation, where you are constantly moving up and down the court. 

This is a progression from the basket, as in a basket, it is the same shot, whereas in this drill, it is much harder, as you are getting tired, fatigued, and having to move a lot in order to get each ball.

In a game you won’t have a bandeja fed nice and easily, instead you will have a high deep ball that you have to get behind to play it.

Check out the video below, it shows how effective this drill is.

3. Cross Court

Playing cross court is my favourite padel training drill. 

It is basically like playing a match, only you are always receiving the ball, and only playing diagonal. 

You will improve a lot from cross court, you will learn consistency, and it is your full responsibility for losing, there is no blame elsewhere. 

What does this padel training drill help?

This drill is the best for really improving, because of the singles, you will get a lot more tired, and receive double the amount of balls you usually would.

It helps:

  • Defence
  • Attack
  • Consistency
  • Tactical play 
I say tactical play at the end, because with cross court singles, you will really see the difference when you change up the pace, place and shot selection.
padel training

4. The First ball Is ...

This is a great drill, you can do it with any number of people. 

Essentially, you feed a ball in, and play the point out, but the first ball, is on a specific shot you want to work on. 

You can do this in groups, sometimes, me and the other coaches will feed a ball in, the first ball is a forehand volley, and then the point is played out.

Or possibly, the first ball is a ball off the back wall, and then play the point out.

Easy to set up

You can do this with as little as 1 other person, have the first ball fed in, and then play the point out. 

This will help your:

  • Weak shots/shots your are working on
  • Overall game, playing points but also focusing on one shot
padel training

5. 1 Up 1 Back

If you have ever had a coaching session, then you will probably be familiar with this one.

This is where, one player is at the back, and one player is at the net. 

Again, very simple, you feed a ball in and play the point out. The trick is, that the player at the back is not allowed to lob, and has to play back to players volley at the net. 

Now, this is really hard for the player at the back! It will improve their defence a lot. 

10x your defence with this drill

Having to use the walls and defend, defend, defend. This will 10x your defensive ability.

If you can get in a position where you can dig everything out, and get every ball back, then you will be able to beat a lot more people.

10x your attack as well - make sure you switch

Make sure that you switch positions, so that the other player then goes to the back of the court and defends. Then you go to the net and attack. 

This will improve your volleys a lot, and you will learn which type of volley is most effective.

padel training

Conclusion - Padel Training Drills

Overall those are my best padel training drills to 10x your game!

If you do just one of these, maybe once a week, you will get that edge over your opponents. 

The great thing is, you only need one other person to do this, and the drills are very easy to set up.

Hope this helps!

5 Simple Padel Training Drills To 10x Your Game – Ewan Ramsden

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