10 Great Reasons To Play Padel

Here are 10 great reasons to play padel!

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reasons to play padel

1. It Is Really Fun

One of the most obvious reasons to play padel: it is really fun.

I think people miss this one out a lot when they talk about padel and that is the fact that it is one of the best and most fun things to do. 

For anyone, of all abilities and ages, this sport is so much fun and I haven’t come across anyone that after playing for the first time has said it is not for them. 

All the time, people will play it and then say that they want booking in for next week. Soon enough they become addicts and are playing 3 times a week and desperate to book courts up. 

If ANYONE is looking for something new to do, whether this is a hobby or a new sport then this couldn’t be a better option.

2. The Fastest Growing Sport In The UK

Padel is the fastest growing sport in the UK and also the world. 

It is crazy how small it is in the UK. With 4 million players in Spain and 20 million worldwide, the UK only has between 6,000 and 8,000 players. 

(source padel federation india)

I am certain at the fact that the sport will be big here, it is only a matter of time, so get in now and get ahead of the future millions of players that will join the sport.

There are new clubs being created every year in the UK with lot’s of courts. There are talks around creating clubs with 14+ courts at them. WOW.

With countries such as Sweden and Netherlands that are going crazy about padel. Hundreds of thousands of players now regularly play in Sweden.

Why not UK?

It is hard to say why the sport hasn’t taken off in the UK yet, I think it is down to the following reasons:

  • A lot of traditional tennis players and clubs that don’t want to get involved.
  • Lack of padel clubs to play at (this is changing)
  • Lack of awareness (we need influencers and British celebrities to start playing and advertising)
Look at Sweden, their national hero is Zlatan Ibrahimovic. One of the best footballers of all time and an icon in Sweden’s eyes. Zlatan has promoted the sport a lot, on his social media, which means a LOT of people in Sweden will give it a go.
I always say, the hardest thing with padel is to try and get someone to play it, once they do, they are hooked, but to get them to play it in the first place is the challenge.
reasons to play padel

3. Low Competition

If you are competitive, then padel is great to get into, because it is not as hard to get to a very high level compared to a sport like tennis. This is due to how little players there are in the UK.

If you are a very skilled racket player, and young, and I could guarantee that with a couple years training you could be one of the top players in the UK.

Now this isn’t to say that you could become best in the world, as there are over 4 million players in Spain that have grown up with the sport.

It is still a great thing to get into as you can get a lot of motivation to climb up the UK rankings.

4. Work Opportunities

One of the best reasons to play padel is the opportunities it gives you.

Because the sport is so small, there are a lot of work and business opportunities in padel! 

For someone my age (19) and not sure what to do in life, I play padel and the opportunities just seem to flood towards me. 

For me, I played padel for 1 year and got:

  • My own business
  • Job as a coach
  • UK ranking as a player

3 things that have changed my life and future, just from playing the sport for a year.

This is why I am very passionate about promoting this sport within young people, I know the positive effects it can have!

5. Great For Fitness

I wanted to include healthy reasons to play to padel, so here is a fitness one.

Padel is not as demanding as other sports, however it still keeps you very fit.

How does it do this?

Due to the smaller court size and 4 players playing, you won’t have to run as much as you would playing football and tennis.

But, you will remain very fit from playing the sport, especially if you play it a lot, due to the longer rally times and intense, short sprints you have to make.

For all ages...

I mentioned that the sport is not as demanding and this is true, some of players in the world padel tour, are into their late 30’s and even 40’s and still crushing it.

Showing that you do not need to be in the BEST shape of your life to play the sport, but it will still keep you fit.

This also demonstrates how experience and tactics can be a factor of winning compared to just strength and power. 

reasons to play padel

6. Very Social

One of the good reasons to play padel is how social the sport is.

If you play this sport at a local club, you will make new friends and get to know so many new, interesting people.

The sport is always doubles, so you are always going to be playing with 3 other people. This means if you play 10 times with different people, that is 30 new people you have met. 

This is going to help develop social skills, and meet new people!

Tournaments and mix ins are very common as well. This gives you a chance to meet more people. 

At the local tournaments at my club, we have up to 150 people playing in a tournament. That is a great chance to meet people and lead to more opportunities in life!

7. Easy To Pick Up

One of my favourite reasons to play padel is how easy it is to pick up.

You can be a LOT better/worse than your opponent and still have a very fun match. 


Because the sport is a lot easier to pick up when you first start, due to the factor of the walls as well, it gives players a second chance to return the ball. 

Now, again, this is not to say that sport is easy forever, and that you are just going to cruise your way to number 1 in the world. 

The point is, that all ages and abilities can play with each other and have a fun time.

When I am coaching, I enjoy it because I get to have fun, long rallies with a beginner/intermediate player.

It is a win win as they are improving and I get to enjoy the sport.

8. Sporting Opportunities

This links in with the low competition point, the fact that there are so little players in the UK playing, means that you can get quite far in the padel UK scene.

If you become a top player in the UK, this then opens up opportunities with sponsorships, where companies will sponsor you in return for you to promote their brand!


I mentioned earlier that one of the big reasons to play padel is the work opportunities, this includes the coaching ones as well.

Coaching is a great opportunity to get into, this then will open up to trips to Spain, where the sport is really popular.

Coaching also gives you a LOT of confidence, life skills, people skills. You really learn so much of how to get the best out of people when you are teaching them.

9. Mental Strength

One of the reasons to play padel is to overcome mental barriers.

One of the hardest things about padel is the mental barrier. People get very frustrated and then this can effect there game.

In a tournament scenario, if your head goes, then the game goes. 

Some top ranking players I know have used tactics to try and “get in” the other persons head so that they can win.

Padel will improve your mental strength and will really test it as well. There is a lot more to it than just hitting the ball back, you have to clever, tactical and use disguise to win against your opponents.

Another reason why the game is so great! It challenges you rather than being ALL about speed and power.

10. Life Skills

Padel gives you good life skills.

This one is more for young people in general, it really helps develop skills such as:

  • Mental
  • Teamwork 
  • Physical
  • Social
  • Maturity
  • Sporting

This list can just go on!

There are all my reasons to play padel!

reasons to play padel

Conclusion - 10 Reasons To Play Padel

There are my 10 reasons to play padel. There are definitely more and if you start playing then you will find all of these out. So make sure this year you get down to the club and start playing.

Hope you learned something!

“10 reasons to play padel” – Ewan Ramsden

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