What Padel Racket Should you Get?

What padel racket should you get? The answers are here for ALL types of players.

Here is the ultimate guide for EVERY type of player out there, have a look at the list and click on the type of player you are, then, there is your answer. 

What Padel Racket Should I Get? Click the option that suits you

New Players With No Racket Experience

What padel racket should you get for a player with no racket experience?

A new player with no racket experience must choose something very lightweight and control based, they need something with a huge sweet spot in the middle in order to be as forgiving as possible for there poor technique and mistakes. 

You should look for something that is between 330-350 grams with…

  • Even balance
  • Fiber glass
  • Soft feel
  • Round shape (Big sweet spot)

For this type of player, you should be spending between £40-£75, due to there experience they do not need anything of a higher level.

What Padel Racket Should you Get? ​

New Players With Racket Experience

What padel racket should you get for a new player with racket experience?

A lot of new players have a good background in racket sports, which means they have good hands, some technique and feel comfortable with a racket. 

This is why you can look for something slightly stronger than entry level. 

You should still look for something with control as this is important when you first start. 

Get good with technique and get used to hitting the ball softer, then you can change to something different from a control racket (if you want).

I would advise you spend between £50-£100 and look for something with this

  • Weight – 350-370 grams
  • Round shape 

You can then start to look at certain features you like such as a different balance, rough surface, or soft/hard materials. 

What Padel Racket Should you Get? ​

Casual Players

What padel racket should you get for casual players?

Casual players are players that play not too competitively and are not too obsessed with the best tactics, technique and mostly play for the fun of the game.

You should look for a fun padel racket! 

This is something that will have a nice feel to it (soft), something lightweight and that excels in comfort over power.

Comfort is crucial for casual players, this will maximise their biggest incentive while they are playing which is…


When you are reading through padel racket descriptions or reading, look for comfort over everything else. 

What Padel Racket Should you Get? ​

Early Intermediate Players

What padel racket should you get for early intermediate players?

Early intermediate players have a bit more freedom when choosing a padel racket, and this is where it can start to get tricky. 

First, what do you prefer, power or control? At this point you should be discovering what is good for your game. 

I would also suggest you start looking for a rough surface or something with some spin technologies. 

Make sure the materials are also higher quality such as carbon fibre, this gives you more durability which makes the racket last longer.

You can spend between £80-£160 for early intermediate, the more you spend the longer the racket will last you before you have to upgrade again.

What Padel Racket Should you Get? ​

Intermediate Players

What padel racket should you get for intermediate players?

For intermediate players this is where you can start to look at nearly every kind of racket.

This is the hardest time for players looking for a new racket, the choice is crazy and the options are endless. 

This is where you really need to look at your game. How do I play, what do I need to improve at?

If you are bad at getting power, then get something with power, if you make too many mistakes, get something with high control.

If you need to generate MORE spin, then look for something with a rough surface. 

Do NOT just go off popularity, this won’t work and something that works for one person will not work for you.

You should spend between £150-£220 for intermediate players, if you want something that will really help your game and improve yourself. 

What Padel Racket Should you Get? ​

Advanced Players

What padel racket should you get for advanced players?

Advanced players should be looking for something that is suitable for there game in the same way intermediate players do. 

For advanced players, always look for the opportunity to test a racket first, you need to make sure that the racket is great for your game as you are playing at a high level and tournament standard. 

Follow the advice for intermediate players and this should help you, you should be looking for durable, high quality rackets from trusted brands. 

You can spend anything from £150 to £400. 

Some awesome features you should definitely look into would be:

  • Customisable weights
  • Rugged surface
  • AVS (anti vibration system)
  • 12K Carbon
  • Carbon frame and face
  • The same racket as the WPT players use.

Everything else is down to your personal preference, if you need help, speak to a coach or read some more EverythingPadel blog posts to learn more.

What Padel Racket Should you Get? ​

Coaches (For Coaching)

What padel racket should you get for coaches?

If you are a coach, I would suggest using something different to what you play with. 

Coaching is different to playing seriously, and there are few things to consider. 

You feed a lot of balls, in the same motion, and you don’t want to cause any arm or wrist aches/strains. 

So I would recommend getting something that is very easy to use, that is…

  • Lightweight
  • Round shape with a big sweet spot
  • Even balance
  • Soft

Something with high control is important, for feeding a ball you want to be as accurate and consistent as possible.

The combination of lightweight, soft feel, and even balance should reduce arm strain, which is great for coaching for many hours in a day.

What Padel Racket Should you Get? ​

Juniors - Age 3-9

What padel racket should you get for juniors aged 3-9?

Juniors aged 3-9 no matter how talented they may be should be using a junior racket, this will help them have more fun on court and be good for there arm while it is still growing and developing. 

When you use a junior racket, it gives you something that is much easier to use which will help you learn crucial parts of the game.

Preparation is very important, and when a child uses a racket too heavy, they usually drop it and don’t hold it up as it aches there arm. 

Make sure you are comfortable in court so that you enjoy the sport as well as doing the right thing.

What Padel Racket Should you Get? ​

Juniors - Age 10-12

What padel racket should you get for juniors aged 10-12?

Juniors can have a choice at this point of whether they want to use a junior racket or an adult racket. It depends how well you are getting on with something heavier and bigger. 

I still recommend you go for something fairly lightweight as something too heavy could cause arm aches and them having late preparation because of this. 

If you do get an adult racket, then look at the casual player section, something like that will be good for you. 

What Padel Racket Should you Get? ​

Juniors - Age 12+

What padel racket should you get for juniors aged 12+?

I think at this age, juniors are ready to have an adult racket and not a junior one, you should be strong enough to use something that adults play with as well. 


I still recommend you get something lightweight and soft, too heavy a racket can just reinforce bad habits such as late preparation.

If you get an adult racket, make sure you get something that is…

  • Lightweight
  • Even balance
  • Soft
  • Round shape 

Or even worse, could cause arm aches and strains. 

Make sure to read the other sections, for example you may be a junior that is intermediate or advanced, so read all of this to pick something that is perfect.

What Padel Racket Should you Get? ​

Players With Tennis Elbow

What padel racket should you get for players with tennis elbow?

There is a lot of things you can do to fix tennis elbow, first starting on your technique, this is one of the biggest causes.

For the racket, avoid getting something that is head heavy, and heavy in general, this can cause more of an ache on your arm when constantly hitting a ball. 

As well as getting something soft, and comfortable. 

When you are looking, be sure to prioritise comfort and control over power. 

There are a few technologies to look into as well that help

  • Hesacore grip (This reduces strain to your arm)
  • Customisable weights (You can change the weight and balance of a racket to suit your arm)
  • Polyethylene material (This is super good for your arm!)

If you can, test, test, test. This will help and the last thing you want to do is order something that will make your tennis elbow worse.

What Padel Racket Should you Get? ​

Players That Love The Smash

What padel racket should you get for players that love the smash?

If you LOVE the smash, then look for all of these features on your padel racket. 

Get something with:

  • Diamond shape
  • Head heavy (high balance)
  • High sweet spot (high up on the racket)
  • Hard feel
  • Rough surface (this helps your topspin which makes it easier to smash effectively) 
  • Power technologies implemented
  • Carbon materials (increases strength)

Follow just half of these features, and you can not go wrong, if you get something with all of them, then you are onto a winner. 

What Padel Racket Should you Get? ​

Players That Love Control

What padel racket should you get for players that love control?

If you LOVE control, then look for all of these features on your padel racket. 

Get something with:

  • Round shape
  • Handle heavy (low/even balance)
  • Central sweet spot (in the centre of on the racket)
  • Control technologies implemented
Look for something with high comfort as well, when your comfort is high, your control will be improved, because you are more relaxed on court and won’t be hindered by discomfort. 
What Padel Racket Should you Get? ​

Players That Want "The Best"

What padel racket should you get for players that want the best?

If you don’t want something to suit your game and you simply want to find the BEST padel racket there is, then you should look at what the pro players are using. 

If you go and look at the WPT players, you can see that they use something of the best padel rackets out there. Now a lot of the brands will sell the rackets that the players use. 

Alternatively, you can look at the full range from each top brand, and then look at the most expensive model.

What Padel Racket Should you Get? ​

Conclusion - What Padel Racket Should You Get?

In conclusion, make sure you choose the right padel racket for your game!

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