Where Is Padel Popular? 10+ Countries + Best Places To Play

Padel is growing very fast across the world, but where is padel popular? 

Where are the best and most desired places to play at?

The sport has seen celebrities from all over the world playing it, and people are going on about this sport, but where is padel popular and where do people play it the most?

where is padel popular'

1. Spain

Where is padel popular? 


Spain is where padel is most popular, with over 4 million players and most of the professional players in the world padel tour representing Spain at the highest level!

If you go on holiday to Spain, or live out there, then you will know about padel, the best players are huge celebrities there.

Padel is bigger than tennis in Spain, only football being more popular!

A popular place to play padel in Spain

Fancy playing padel by the beach?

The club Natacion de Barcelona, is one of the most popular and nice places in Spain to play padel.

where is padel popular
What a beautiful club!

2. Portugal

Being Spain’s neighbours, padel has definitely drifted across in Portugal.

With plenty of padel courts popping up in Portugal, and a lot of competitive tournaments being organised each week, padel in Portugal has grown largely.

I expect to see players from Portugal competing in the WPT very soon.

A popular place to play padel in Portugal

In the algarve in Portugal, there is a beautiful club, with frequent players and tournaments being organised, this one is a must visit. 

where is padel popular

3. Sweden

Padel in Sweden has blown up recently.

In 2020, 450 new courts will built and over 1,000,000 players booked a court. 


This will increase in 2021. 

This is due to the sport being discovered and the influence of celebrities such as Zlatan Ibrahimovic promoting the sport a lot.

A popular place to play padel in Sweden

This is a crazy big club in Sweden.

Just look at how MANY courts there are in this Sweden club.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has promoted this club a lot on his instagram. With over 14 courts, they still get booked up by hundreds of players every day!

where is padel popular

4. United Arab Emirates

Where is padel popular? The United Arab Erimates has really grown in popularity recently with hundreds of new clubs appearing and the sport taking off.

I have had a lot of sales through our online padel store here from United Arab Emirates. 

It is clear that players there want the latest rackets and equipment as the sport grows!

A popular place to play padel in the United Arab Emirates

The NAS sports centre is one of the biggest and actively played clubs in Dubai, with some of top players in the UK such as Sam Jones, Nikhil Mohindra and Sandy Farquhason all competing below.

where is padel popular'

5. United Kingdom

In the UK padel has seen a steady and stable growth. When someone asks “where is padel popular” you would not think the UK.

However, there are certain areas of the country where padel is increasing it’s popularity every day, for example in Essex there are a handful of clubs that have hundreds of active members.

A popular place to play padel in the UK

Go Padel UK is a huge fast growing club in Essex, it has over 200 active members and has plans to grow and increase the amount of clubs across the country.

where is padel popular'

6. Mexico

This is where padel originated from.

In 1969, a man named Enrique Corcuera built walls around his garden when playing tennis to stop the ball from going into the neighbours garden. 

With a few adjustments, this then turned into the sport we know and love today!

In the world padel tour, players travel to Mexico to play competitively. 

A popular place to play padel in Mexico

This is where the Mexico open was held a couple years ago!

The professional players played here, on a World Padel Tour court.

where is padel popular,

7. Argentina

Where is padel popular? Argentina. 

With nearly 1 million active players in Argentina, the sport rivals it’s most popular, football. 

Back in the 1990’s the sport was the biggest, even bigger than football. That is crazy!

Some of the best players in the world such as Bela and Sanyo originate from Argentina, and the World padel Tour is often played and hosted in Argentina.

A popular place to play padel in Argentina

This is one the most popular places to play padel, located in Buenos Aires, this club has over 400 active members, and has stunning views and facilities in the club.

where is padel popular,

Conclusion - Where Is Padel Popular?

Where is padel popular? 

Padel is popular in Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and Portugal. Now with over 20 million players worldwide, the sport is set to take off soon!

“Where is padel popular” – Ewan Ramsden

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