Why are Padel Rackets SO expensive? (How To Save Money)

You realise that you need a new padel racket, you start your journey to search for the perfect one for you, and then the question hits you. “Why are padel rackets SO expensive?”.

I can relate to this, when I first started playing padel, I was shocked that they STARTED at around £50, let alone the ones that went for £300+. 

Since then, I have learnt why this is, and a couple of ways you can save money in the buying process. 

But why are padel rackets so expensive? There is a long production process that takes place when designing the padel rackets, with expensive materials and technologies being used. Also the factor of high demand comes into play. 

Let’s review this further: why are padel rackets so expensive?

why are padel rackets so expensive

Reason 1: The Material

Why are padel rackets so expensive? 

The material is a big factor.

I think a good way to look at this is to compare a padel racket to a tennis racket. In a tennis racket, you have a very thin frame, and then the rest of the racket is strings. 

Not too much material here.

Whereas in a padel racket, although you have something smaller, you have a more complex design, thicker frame, and the entire surface area has material used.

The materials are expensive...

The most common material used in the majority of padel rackets is carbon. 

Carbon, unfortunately, is expensive. 

This is because carbon takes a long time to produce, a lot of work and money goes into this. 

Now in all the top padel rackets, there main frame is 100% carbon, and a lot of them as well have a face made of carbon. 

There is also a HUGE demand for carbon, especially right now, as padel is growing very fast.

Huge demand = higher cost = expensive padel rackets.

why are padel rackets so expensive

Reason 2: The Technologies

The big brands have to work incredibly hard to come up with new and revolutionary technologies to stay ahead of the game.

Every single year the standard get’s better and better for these brands.

Look at Nox, they sponsor some of the best players in the world, they HAVE to have the best technologies and the best rackets.

Examples of expensive technologies include...

Example of expensive technologies include:

  • AVS (anti vibration system)
  • Multilayered core
  • Dynamic com-posit structure
  • Exoskeleton structure
  • Power groove.

Huge cost of research and developement

With all the big brands being very competitive at the top to see who can bring out the next big racket that everyone will go crazy about, they have to invest in a lot of research and development. 

Reason 3: Long Production Process

Why are padel rackets so expensive? 

There is a long production process for creating padel rackets, this includes the following:

  • Creating the mould
  • Shaping
  • Sanding
  • Designing! (lots of rackets sell through a stunning design)
  • Different hole patterns
  • The grip
  • Quality control and checks.

It all mounts up...

This takes time, investment, and a lot of work. 

The big brands then have to spend a lot of time marketing, testing, sponsoring players, and shipping.

This all adds up!

I don’t think the rackets are expensive due to corporate greed, but instead because they cost a lot more to produce than people think.

why are padel rackets so expensive

How To Save Money When Buying

Now that your question “why are padel rackets so expensive?” is answered, let’s look into some tips for saving money when buying.

Here are some great tips for saving money when buying a padel racket!

Do your research

Make sure you are buying something for YOU. If you are a brand new player with tennis elbow, don’t buy a £400 head heavy power racket. Instead look for something that is designed to help tennis elbow.

Don't get something too cheap

If you are a beginner and you enjoy padel, you need to get something that starts at around £50, from my experience, anything cheaper will be poor quality and break easily. 

I have found people spend £30 on padel rackets, and then they end up breaking due to poor quality, and then have to spend another £70 on a new one. 

Save yourself £30 buy following this trick!

How long until you need something better?

Maybe you are an experienced racket player, and good sportsman. You are new to padel, but picking it up quickly and going to get very good soon. 

It might be an idea to get something that is in the intermediate range. 

It would save you money to get something NOW that is around £100, than to get something cheap at £50, and then have to spend £100 a couple weeks later.

Take your time

If you spend longer finding the right racket for you, then it will save you more money in the long run. 

If you get something wrong for you, you will have to replace it quickly!

By spending time finding the right one for you, it will last you AGES and you will save a LOT of money.

why are padel rackets so expensive


Why are padel rackets so expensive?

The new materials and technologies that the brands have to invest in cost a lot, as well as there being a huge demand for them, prices naturally increase.

Hope this helped!

“Why are padel rackets so expensive?” – Ewan Ramsden

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