6 Ways to Take Care of Your Padel Racket

6 EASY ways to take care of YOUR padel racket.

I see a lot of people that buy a £250 + padel racket, and break it within 2-3 months. 

Now this doesn’t mean you haven’t been taking care of it, however there may be certain things you are doing that you aren’t aware can actually hurt your racket…

This guide will show you how you can maintain your padel racket, and take care of it, allowing you to use it for much longer.

Let’s get started.


1. Avoid hitting the ground

You probably see a lot of players hitting the ball on the ground in order to pick the ball up. 

EVEN the professional players do it, but they don’t have to worry about breaking their racket.

This can be bad for your padel racket, as you can easily damage the frame and face by catching it on the ground. 

On certain rackets that we sell, we are told that in order to take care of your padel racket, we should advise customers to not do this, as it can easily cause damage.

It can lead to the frame being damaged with little cracks, and the majority of the cracks come from the frame and they move slowly down into the core of the racket. 

take care of your padel racket
Avoid THIS

2. Racket protector applied correctly

You racket protector is CRUCIAL in order to take care of your padel racket, the protector needs to be stretched over the top of the racket nice and tight so that it covers the largest amount of the frame that it can.

Often when you are playing, you are gonna to hit your racket against the walls when you are trying to retrieve a ball.

Without a racket protector, this can cause the frame to be damaged, this is the strongest part, so if the frame is damaged, then the crack will only get bigger and extend to the core of the racket.

Spend the time to get it right, if you apply the racket protector wrong and not tight enough then the following can happen:

  • Racket head will get dirty.
  • The racket may make a rattling sound from the protector moving.
  • The racket won’t actually be protected properly.
ANY luxury/high end racket bought from EverythingPadel will have a free racket protector provided with it.

The way you should do it (step by step)

Get someone to help you first

  1. Have one person hold the padel racket so that it is upright and in a vertical position.
  2.  Peal the racket protector so that you get the sticky part of it.
  3. Start sticking down from the middle of the racket, right at the top.
  4. Stretch one side of the racket protector round the racket frame.
  5. Stretch as MUCH as possible in order to get the best results.
  6. Repeat on the other side.
  7. Make sure there are no bumps or gaps where air/dirt can get in.
take care of your padel racket
This is a NOX racket protector, it protects the frame from blows and scratches.

3. Replace your grip often

The more you play, the more your grip will deteriorate, and the second your hand slips when you hit the ball, the shot will be completely ruined.

You have to make sure your grip is frequently replaced.

In the height of summer, and you are playing very regularly , I would advise you to replace your grip at least once a week. This is because your hand will sweat a lot more, so without a brand new grip, you will struggle to keep a solid grip on your shots.

No matter how good your racket is, if you are slipping on your grip, your shots won’t be effective.

take care of your padel racket
In hot conditions, your hand will slip a lot more!

4. Avoid leaving in hot temperatures

A great way to take care of your padel racket is to keep it in a good temperature

The heat CAN damage your padel racket, by weakening the core of the racket. A lot of advanced racket have an EVA core, which when left for a long period of time in high temperatures, can weaken it.

This can make it:

  • Less powerful
  • Less durable
  • Less accurate (harder to control

You are probably thinking, “well what do I do in the summer?”

The racket will be fine in the summer, but make sure you don’t leave it in a place where it can get really hot.
Think of it like your phone, you can use your phone through the summer, but wouldn’t leave it out for hours in 30 degree heat, or leave it in your hot car for a few hours, because it would probably overheat.

AVOID leaving your padel racket in these places:

  • Boot/trunk of your car.
  • A clear surface with direct sunlight on it for hours.


Leave your padel racket in its case, or in the shade, when you are home make sure it is in a room temperature place, and it will be fine. 

ways to take care of your padel racket
In hot temperatures like this, don't leave your racket out for too long.

5. Avoid leaving in cold temperatures

Again for this one, it follows a similar trend for the one above, it is is okay to play with your padel racket in cold conditions, however you need to make sure you are not leaving the racket in cold places for a extended period of time, such as:

  • The boot/trunk of you car ( a big one for hot and cold)
  • Overnight outside in the cold
  • In the wet for too long, can make it very cold.
When the racket gets too cold, it becomes a lot harder, and can be more prone to breaking and cracking.
This especially applies when it is in the middle of the winter, if the temperature is hitting the minuses, then your racket CANNOT be left outside overnight

The wet as well...

The wet conditions is another factor. 

The wet in itself is okay, but the wet can make the racket cold, and you need to dry the racket after you have used it in the wet conditions

It is still VERY important to train padel in the winter, as you can see from this article here, but make sure after you have finished in the wet, that you let the racket dry well, and don’t leave it in the wet for a long period of time.

padel tips

6. Invest in a padel bag

The final way of looking to take care of your padel racket would be to buy a padel bag, they store all of your padel belongings together nicely, and most importantly, it keeps your padel racket SAFE.

Not only this but most of the advice above can be solved with a padel bag.

Hot weather? Put your racket in your bag.

Cold weather? Put your racket in your bag.

There are a lot more reasons why a padel bag is great for this:

  • Protects the racket.
  • Keeps the hot and cold air out.
  • Dries the racket well.
Investing in a padel bag is a great way to take care of your padel racket!

A case/bag for your padel racket

As well as your bag, you don’t want to put your racket just lose in the padel bag, instead, you want to have the racket in a case, or smaller bag for ultimate security.

take care of padel racket
I recommend the Nox Black Padel Bag! Click to have a look.


In conclusion in order to take care of your padel racket, you need to keep it in good conditions and in a safe dry place, try not to get it too cold or too warm, and remember use a racket protector and don’t hit the ground.

The racket protector should allow you to scrape the walls without damaging it.

Hope this helped!

6 ways to to take care of your padel racket” – Ewan Ramsden


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Need Help Choosing A Padel Racket?

Text – 07704048874 on WhatsApp – it is free 🙂

We Will Help You Find The Right Racket For You.

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