Adidas Metalbone HRD Review - 4 Amazing Features

The complete Adidas Metalbone HRD review. 

adidas have released there new range for 2022, and with the huge success of the Metalbone last year, they have released a new metalbone range this year. 

With a new racket, the adidas Metalbone HRD. This is the racket that pro player Ale Galan will be using in the world padel tour this year.

Today I am going to show you 4 amazing and revolutionary features for this racket (number 3 will shock you!)

Let’s go!

1. Spin Blade Technology

We start the Adidas Metalbone HRD review by looking at a popular element of people’s game: spin.

Adidas have kept the succesful and popular spin technologies to allow for the highest amount of slice and spin on the ball. Both of these technologies lead to more rotation of the ball due to the rough surface of the padel racket.

The first is called spin blade.

This has a slight 3D relief on the racket making it rougher and leading to more spin.

The second is the arrangement of the holes on the padel racket. These have been especially placed so that your shots get maximum spin.

If you want lower volleys, a tricky serve, and more kick on your smash, then this racket is for you.


adidas metalbone review
Ultimate spin on your padel shots!
adidas metalbone HRD review

2. Ultimate Structure

The Adidas Metalbone HRD comes with an octagonal structure.

This achieves 8 edges, that strengthens the structure of the racket, making it extremely durable.

With good care, it should last 2-3 years due to this technology.

The strong structure makes it ideal for aggressive players, allowing you as a player to smash the ball as much as possible without causing damage.

With carbon aluminised surface, and a high memory core, this creates power, durability and strength.

So lots of spin and lots of strength, but what is next?…

3. You Can Change The Weight!

This is the technology that will shock you. 

Out of everything in the Adidas Metalbone HRD review this is the technology that stands out the most.

You can change the weight/balance of this padel racket, adjusting it so that it is PERFECT for you.

Ever bought a racket and thought the weight was a little off? 

So, let’s break it down, what does this mean? 

So the weights are located around the handle, if you remove the weights, it will actually made the racket more HEAD HEAVY, creating more power. If you keep the weights in, the weight will feel more handle heavy, creating a more EVEN balance. 

More weights = less power?

Naturally, logic tells us that the more weight, the more power, but in this case, due to the balance shifting, the more weights you remove from the racket, the MORE power you will get. 

Imagine you hold a hammer from the bottom, the weight is all at the top which gives you more power. If you held the hammer at the top near the head, the balance shifts and you get less power.

The same theory applies with the adidas Metalbone HRD.

adidas metalbone review
A close up of what the weight and balance system will look like.

4. Power, Power, and more Power

At EverythingPadel we have stock a lot of power rackets. People love power!

This one however, may just have the most power that we have stocked so far.

Due to the ALL of the technologies combined, it provides you, the player with the most support for power.

The main factors ranked in order of importance are:

  • Shape – Diamond, with the sweet spot right at the top of the racket. 
  • Weight – heavier than most rackets allowing for more power.
  • Balance – Head heavy – more power at the top.
  • Structure – octagonal, allowing for durability and strength.
  • Material – carbon fibre – strong and durable.
  • Core – high memory – hard feel, creating faster ball output.
adidas metalbone HRD review
World Padel Tour player Ale Galan using the Adidas Metalbone HRD

My Ratings and Recommendations

My Adidas Metalbone HRD Review:

This is becoming a classic padel racket, I think it will be kept on for years from adidas. 

With some of the highest power we have seen on a padel racket before. I love the customisable weight idea, it allows YOU as the customer to choose what would be great for you.

It will be great to watch Ale Galan play with this padel racket in the world padel tour!

Highly recommended!

Where can I get mine?

As well as all the racket advice we provide free to our customers and padel fans worldwide, I stock the products so that you are just a few clicks away from getting your hands on the Metalbone HRD!

You can get yours right here in our padel shop! Adidas Metalbone HRD Padel Racket

“Adidas Metalbone HRD Review” – Ewan Ramsden

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