How To Avoid Padel Injuries - 6 Proven tips

padel injuries

Padel injuries are common. I see so many people getting injured and I always think there must be ways to avoid this or at least reduce the chances. 

The best ways to avoid padel injuries are to warm up thoroughly, plan and prepare for your match , eat and bring nutritious food, and possibly change your padel racket if your injury is tennis elbow related. 


 I researched the most common injuries in padel and how you can avoid them all.

Table of Contents - How To Avoid Padel Injuries

How To Avoid Padel Injuries - 6 Proven Tips

An expert's opinion...

For this topic, I had to find someone not just with experience in sports and injuries, but also in padel…

According to Jorge Rodriguez, who is a physical trainer for many professional world padel tour players, including Juan Lebron, these are the MOST common causes of padel injuries:

How To Avoid Accidental Padel Injuries

These are common injuries such as stepping on a ball, having a ball hit at you, or even have your partners racket hit you.

Obviously some accidental injuries are inevitable, but we can try and avoid accidental injuries by:

  • Never playing a point when there are padel balls on the court and haven’t been pushed to the net or off the court. Place the ball as close to the corner as possible, as in some situations you may be a lot closer to the net.
  • Play a let immediately if a ball comes on the court. 
  • Always prepare your racket in order to react faster to a ball being hit at you.
  • Focus on positioning, e.g. when someone is about to smash, get out the way and move forward to play it after the glass.
  • Have good communication with your partner in order to establish who’s ball it is.
To avoid accidental padel injuries, you need good communication, awareness and positioning. This will help you react faster to accidental situations that are common.
padel injuries
TALK to your partner!

How To Avoid Excessive Padel Injuries

An excessive injury is essentially when you train to your absolute limit, maybe if you played for 3-4 hours in a row, or played every day for 4-5 hours intensely. 

Rest days are important in all sports, to allow for replenishment of energy stores and give time for the body to repair.

The best athletes in the world use the 80/20 rules. This is where you are training to your limit only 20% of the time, and the remaining 80% of the time, it is low intensity. 

  • Plan first how long you are going to play for.
  • Prepare before, with a good diet.
  • Stretching.
  • Allow for breaks.
To avoid excessive padel injuries, you need to plan and prepare for how long you will play for, I know sometimes you are not always sure, so try and prepare for the most amount of time.
padel injuries
World padel Tour players are pushed to the LIMIT! Causing them injuries.

How To Avoid Poor Technique Padel Injuries

When you consistently play a shot with poor technique you are putting strain on the muscles as it is a not a natural movement.

This ESPECIALLY common in tennis elbow, one of the main causes of tennis elbow is poor technique. 

Tennis elbow tips

I thought I would go into more detail on tennis elbow as it is the most common padel injury. 

An average of 20.8% of all padel injuries are tennis elbow related! (Source: Garcia Fernandez 2019)

Your padel racket can have a MASSIVE effect on your tennis elbow. 

A change in padel racket can impact the stress and strain on your arm.

If you want more information, here is an article on the best padel racket for tennis elbow

  • Try your best to listen to coaches and learn technique as best as you can. 
  • Watch videos and read articles on how to improve your technique!
  • Read the article on how to avoid tennis elbow
  • Small adjustments on your technique can have large benefits to your physical health.
To avoid poor technique injuries, you should analyse your own game, and see what shots are causing you pain. Once established, you can work with a coach or read online on how to fix that technique.
how to avoid padel injuries
Listen to your coach for tips to improve your padel technique!

How To Avoid Bad Diet Related Padel Injuries

If you play a game without eating properly or not being hydrated enough, not only will your performance in the match be low, but also cramps are more common.

Fatigue and tiredness can lead to you not being as aware and more likely to trip and cause injuries.

  • Prepare, prepare, prepare.
  • Bring enough food and water to a match, training session or tournament you are playing in.

Make sure that if you bring food to eat while you are playing, that they are light and easy to eat such as:

  •  A banana
  • Dried fruit
  • Cereal or sports bar
To avoid bad diet related padel injuries, you need to prepare and plan your meals, ad bring food that is accessible and easy to consume during hours of exercise.
bad diet leads to padel injuries
Here are some great foods for before, during and after sports!

How To Avoid Padel Injuries From Not Warming Up

Stretching and warming up properly helps you drastically.

Without this, it is very common to tear a muscle almost instantly. 

People will focus on only warming up for a serious match or tournament, but make sure you warm up for EVERY occasion.


In a study taken in 2020 it was found out that over 62% of sports injuries happen in training and practise, compared to a match or serious game. (Source: John Hopkins Medicine)

  • Light running or jogging before playing will improve your performance.
  • Focus on your legs especially as the most common injuries occur on the lower half of your body. Such as hamstring.
To avoid padel injuries from not warming up, you need to warm up for every occasion, by stretching or light jogging and make sure you cool down after each activity.
padel injuries
Be sure to stretch!

The Most Common Padel Injuries

This is what to look out for…

I mentioned earlier that majority of the injuries occur in the lower half of your body, and this is surprising due to the amount of tennis elbow injuries that take place.

According to a study taken in 2019, the following body regions were identified as the most common for padel injuries:

  • Lower Limbs (41%)
  • Torso (13%)
  • Upper limbs (34%)
  • Head and neck (12%)
The MOST common injury was tennis elbow, with 20% of all injuries, however due to amount of knee and ankle injuries, that added up to more injuries in the lower limbs.


So, make sure you are focusing as much, if not more on the lower half of your body when stretching, warming up and resting.

The full study report on this can be found here.

I created this graph during my research so you can visualise it easier, take a look.

how to avoid padel injuries
The chart shows how common lower limb injuries are!


The best padel tips to make sure that you avoid these injuries as much as possible would be to:

  • Prepare and plan when you are going to play.
  • Stretch and warm up.
  • Bring nutritious food with you to your match.
  • You may have to change your padel racket to help with tennis elbow/epicondylitis problems. 

How to avoid padel injuries” – Ewan Ramsden

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Need Help Choosing A Padel Racket?

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