How Long Until Padel Is Huge In The UK?

How long until padel is huge in the UK?

Padel is the fastest-growing sport in the world. Fact. And this year it seems to be really taking off in the UK. Slowly, you are hearing about it more and more.

But how long until padel is huge in the UK? Will it ever get there? How long until it becomes massive, with millions of players.

Let’s look into the facts, other countries, and see how far padel could grow in the next couple years.

How Long Until Padel Is Huge In The UK?​

How many padel courts are there now?

In Spain, there are over 20,000 padel courts, with an estimated 4 million players, with it being the second biggest sport there, behind football.

In Sweden, there are now an estimated 500,000 players, which is growing every day, and over 800 padel courts.

Finally, in the UK, there are over 150 padel courts, with 89,000 active players which is a huge increase of about 20,000 back in 2020. 

This year, with the same growth projections, this looks to hit well over 300,000, with over 250 courts being put into place.

If we follow Sweden's footsteps, it won't be long at all

3 years ago in Sweden, there were less than 100 padel courts. 

There are now over 800, with over half a million players, this is increasing every day.

This shows how quickly the UK could explode, if we follow Sweden, we will be as big as them in under a few years.

How Long Until Padel Is Huge In The UK?​

What will help padel get there?

New courts, will be the biggest factor in growing the sport, with new courts popping up everywhere, more and more people will try out the sport. Naturally this will spread the word through word of mouth. 

Celebrities can also help promote it, footballers have been promoting it on social media, with top players such as Zidane, Beckham, Neymar, Messi, and countless others all playing it and posting about it. 

In Sweden, Zlatan Ibrahimovic has opened huge clubs, called Padel Zenter. These are massive clubs with over 20 courts at each location, it is crazy! Similar things will happen in the UK which will grow the sport massively. 

The padel racket market is crazy.

Right now in the padel racket industry, it is absolutely crazy, the stock is very hard to get hold of, and hundreds of thousands of rackets are sold each month now. 

With the sport blowing up in different areas of the world, it has been hard for me and my business to keep supplying rackets!

This year we have managed to get more stock, however, with the full Adidas 2022 range and way more! Check out our rackets here.

3 Crazy padel statistics

  • In 2020, 900,000 padel rackets were sold, compared to only 500,000 tennis rackets. 
  •  In padel, 30% of players are female, compared to 15% in tennis.
  • Over 415,000,000 views on the world padel tour youtube channel.
How Long Until Padel Is Huge In The UK?​

My padel growth predictions

So how long until padel is huge in the UK?

Overall, I think by 2023, the sport will be massive, it will be recognized by everyone, I can already see how fast it is growing, and I think it will gain so much momentum this year with the number of courts in place.

The only sport that will be bigger will be football, looking at the growth in Spain, padel is known by everyone and has been established for decades, however football is still a clear winner ahead, I would imagine England would be the same due to the passion and culture the country has for football.

How Long Until Padel Is Huge In The UK? – Ewan Ramsden


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