How To Get The Best Out Of Your Padel Racket (4+ Tips)

How to get the BEST out of your padel racket, here are 4 easy tips to make sure that EVERY penny was worth it.

If you buy a brand new padel racket, you want to be able to enjoy it on court, right? 

Well, if you don’t use your racket in the right way, then you won’t reach your full potential. And even worse, the racket will have been a waste of money!

Luckily, I have left 4 tips below, here is how to get the BEST out of your padel racket.

how to get the best out of your padel racket

1. Hit The Sweet Spot

Please, be aware of where the sweet spot is in your padel racket, so many people do not have a clue. 

The sweet spot is in different places on your padel racket, and if you are constantly hitting in the wrong place, then you will end up not getting the most effective strike possible. 

Hitting in the wrong place on your padel racket will effect…

  • Power
  • Accuracy
  • Errors
  • Speed
  • Spin

Basically anything that is needed for a good shot.

how to get the best out of your padel racket

Where is my sweet spot?

Here are some guides if you need help with the sweet spot.

Where is the sweet spot on your padel racket?

Best Shape For Your Padel Racket

2. Play In The Style Of Your Padel Racket

Every padel racket is different.

 They will all be tailored for a specific style of play. 

So, if you play with a round shape racket, with a big centred sweet spot, soft, and lightweight, and then play very aggressive with lots of power, then you are NOT getting the BEST out of your padel racket.

You need to look at the characteristics of your padel racket and then play in that style of play. 

If you watch the top players in the world padel tour, you will notice they do this. Juan Lebron is known for having a huge smash, and he uses a head heavy power racket. 

Sanyo gutierrez is known for his clever play, and controled shots, he uses the Head Alpha Pro which is amazing for control.

If you want to know how to get the best of your padel racket, play in the style of it. 

3. Customise it

There are a number of things you can do to your padel racket to make sure it is best for you. Even if you have the same racket as someone else, it could be completely different depending on how you customise it. 


Not every racket has this feature, but for a lot of the top brands, you can buy added weights to make your racket heavier overall, and especially head heavy. People do this to get more power and make sure the weight feels comfortable for them. If its too light they may struggle to get the power they need.

Special Grips

In tip 4 I go more in depth of the important of grips, but you can get special grips such as hesacore grips, and X grips for your racket. These can stop you slipping as much, as well as helping tennis elbow. 

A lot of them will reduce the vibrations to your arm, so look into them!

Juan Lebron, I mentioned earlier, uses special added weights to get a bigger smash. 

how to get the best out of your padel racket

4. Have The Right Grips

The more you play, the more your grip will deteriorate, and the second your hand slips when you hit the ball, the shot will be completely ruined.

You have to make sure your grip is frequently replaced.

In the height of summer, and you are playing very regularly , I would advise you to replace your grip at least once a week. This is because your hand will sweat a lot more, so without a brand new grip, you will struggle to keep a solid grip on your shots.

No matter how good your racket is, if you are slipping on your grip, your shots won’t be effective.

Conclusion - How To Get The Best Out Of Your Padel Racket

Overall, your game can be improved even further by following these tips and making sure that you know how to get the BEST out of your padel racket.

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“How to get the best out of your padel racket” – Ewan Ramsden

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