5 Great Reasons To Have More Than 1 Padel Racket

Having more than 1 padel racket can help you be more equipped, prepared and ready for your matches. 

But why is this?

Let’s review this today, in this post you will learn why it is great to have more than 1 padel racket and why should start doing this.

Let’s get started.

more than 1 padel racket

1. Matches + Tournaments + Training

The first reason to have more than 1 padel racket is so that you can have different rackets for different situations. 

Matches, tournaments and training sessions are different occasions, so it might be an idea to use a different racket for these occasions.


Maybe you have a really expensive racket, it is worth over £300, a new model, and you want it to last a long time. 

Well if you are having a light training session or a casual match, you might not want to use it incase it gets damaged!

You could save this for the BIG games, and use an older racket for the casual matches.

Damaging your racket in a social....

You play 6 hours in an intense tournament, and in the last game, your racket cracks after you hit it on the wall, fair enough. 

It served you well, and you had to push to the maximum in this tournament.

But the worst feeling in the world would be to damage your racket in a social or relaxed game, I saw it the other day, a casual game, no one trying too hard, and then…

Two rackets clash and both have cracked.

I they used more than 1 padel racket, then their issue wouldn’t be as bad as they have a spare!

For coaches

Calling all coaches here, it is such a good idea to use a different racket when coaching compared to playing:

  • Feeding balls doesn’t require a £300 racket
  • Opportunity to test out new rackets while coaching (helping you advise clients)
  • Coaches can use something control based with a large sweet spot (great for feeding balls!)

I think it can be a little unnecessary to use something crazy expensive when coaching, it also gives you a great opportunity to test other rackets, as when you are coaching, you don’t need to have your best bat!

As a coach myself, I always use more than 1 padel racket, 1 for coaching and 1 for matches.

2. Winter + Summer

Winter and summer leads to different environments, which leads to different conditions on court. 

Did you know that these conditions affect your racket?

In the winter, the ball will slip more on your bat, making it harder to create as much spin/grip on the ball. 

The cold weather will also harden the face of your racket slightly. 

In the winter, get this.

In the winter, get something with a rougher surface, this will help you grip the ball more and create the spin that you need.

It might be an idea to use something with a softer core as well, as this naturally will harden up due to the elements.

In the summer, get this.

In the summer, you can get anything really, you may find it easier to get spin so you don’t need a rough surface, but this is down to personal preference.

Having more than 1 padel racket allows you to switch between summer and winter.

Definitely change...

You might find that something that felt amazing in the summer, will not feel as good in the winter. 

Because if you love a soft core and that feels amazing, then the winter will change this.

I would recommend switching it up, or get more than one padel racket.

more than 1 padel racket

3. It Can Help With Injuries

Injuries are common in padel, if you want to know how to avoid padel injuries, then check out this article here.

Arm aches, tennis elbow strains, shoulder pains are all common.

What can we do about this?

Get. Another. Padel. Racket.

Get something lightweight, that is designed for tennis elbow use.

Get the ultralight!

My go to advice is always to buy the ultralight, a LOT of people do this and see success with it. 

It is a common thing for people to switch between the ultralight and their personal bat. They have more than 1 padel racket because it helps them with tennis elbow, the most common padel injury.

It is easy for them to do, they can use their main one when they are feeling good, and if any pain starts to develop then they can switch to the ultralight!

4. You Can Practise New shots

Have a think about your game for a minute, what needs improving? What shot do I need to build on?

Let’s say that this is the smash. 

In order to help your smash you might want to change to a diamond shaped, power racket, as the sweet spot is at the top of the racket.

Or maybe your precision needs some work, you might then want to change to something round that is control based.

Having more than 1 padel racket will help this!

If you want to learn more about the best shape for your padel racket, then check out this article.

You don't always have to replace...

You don’t need to replace your racket, but having more than one padel racket will lead to you maybe using something else for the time being to help with some of your shots. 

It is very useful!

more than 1 padel racket

5. You Might Not Be Feeling It...

Sometimes, you step on court, and you are just not playing well. You are not feeling good, you have already made a couple mistakes and losing the game.

You go for a break, and there you have a chance to switch, because you have more than one padel racket ready to go. 

This mentally could change the game for you, and subconsciously because you have changed, you start playing better.

You might start learning what racket suits certain games. 

Maybe against these guys I need something with more power? Or maybe against these guys I need more precision and control.

It is great practise to try, test and find out what suits you best.

Conclusion - 5 Reasons To Have More Than 1 Padel Racket

Overall I think it is important to have more than 1 padel racket. 

Sometimes people are more hesitant to replace their racket because it feels okay…

You don’t always need to straight up replace your racket, but you CAN have multiple.

It can be very useful in a game situation to be more equipped, and all the best padel players will have loads.

Hope you enjoyed reading!

“5 reasons to have more than 1 padel racket” – Ewan Ramsden

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