Nox Ultralight Review

nox ultralight review

The Nox Ultralight review has been top of my priorities, as it has been incredibly popular at EverythingPadel. 

It is one of the lightest padel rackets on the market.

I wanted to review this and see what type of player should be using this, so I did some research to find out more about this popular padel racket!

Why is The Nox Ultralight so popular?

It is no doubt that this is a popular racket, in fact over 12.5% of EverythingPadel sales last year came from this. 

When we first sold a couple ultralight’s, word got out and we immediately had to order more due to high demand.

Nox, like many other brands, change their range each year, however this racket was kept on due to it’s popularity.

There certainly are two MAIN factors why the Nox Ultralight is popular:

  • Price – at only £74.99 here at EP, and similar across the market, people are a lot more likely to buy more casually. 
  • USP – People are often overwhelmed by the huge variety of rackets, this one stands out, being called “the ultralight” it draws people in and makes it different to the rest.
I think with these two factors combined, it gives people a real incentive to buy it. It is no wonder why the padel racket is so popular.
nox ultralight review

Main Features of the Nox Ultralight

Obviously the main feature is the light weight of the racket, but to be exact it is around 300g to 325g. 

This is about 50-60 grams LIGHTER than the average padel racket.

Another feature is the smaller grip, so it is slightly adapted to suit someone with a much smaller hand, typically a child.

What I do like about that, is that people often buy the racket and then they will put more grips on it, so that it fits their hand size. So the Nox Ultralight can be adapted for different hand sizes. 

Below is the specification of the racket!

  • Shape – Round
  • Weight – 300 – 325 grams
  • Core – HR2 (Will be slightly softer)
  • Frame – 100% Carbon (carbon increases durability)
  • Face – 3K Fiber Glass Silver (will not be as strong as carbon face, but due to the finish, rigidity is increased)
  • Control – 9/10
  • Power – 7/10
nox ultralight - review

Who Should Use The Nox Ultralight?

From my experience of selling this and being a coach. I have seen a LOT of people who have had tennis elbow injuries or epicondylitis problems use this and recover.

It is quite a common thing I see where if someone’s arm is aching or feels like their tennis elbow is coming on, they start using the Nox ultralight for a bit and then they are fine. 

I would recommend the Nox Ultralight to:

  • Juniors
  • ANYONE with tennis elbow/epicondylitis issues
  • People who need/want a small grip
I did not add this to the list but I would even go as far as saying that this racket can help any injury in your arm, whether this is wrist or shoulder!

A great gift for your children...

According to Nox themselves, this is designed for junior players who want to play with a normal sized racket, but with a grip/handle that is adapted to their hand size. 

It is a great starting racket for your children as it has two primary functions that is perfect for kids.

  • Light
  • Control oriented
The control factor is important for kids, as their technique is going to be off, meaning a LOT of mistakes, more control will help reduce this.
nox ultralight review

Is The Nox Ultralight really the best padel racket for tennis elbow?

I have always stood by this padel racket as the best for tennis elbow, I have even written an article on this, where I talk about ways to avoid tennis elbow, and how the ultralight is good for it.

The main reasons why I would recommend it would be:

  • Extremely light – obvious one but reduces the stress on your arm
  • Softer core – less vibrations upon impact
  • Price – not too expensive to have as a back up, you could have this and another and then switch!
Here is the full article on the racket for tennis elbow.

My Nox Ultralight Review:

My Nox Ultralight review:

This is a very popular padel racket and I can completely see why. It ticks boxes for different players with its features and USP.

I would recommend this especially for juniors and people with tennis elbow.

My overall rating

I calculate my rating on a 1-10 scale, judging the appearance, how effective it is for what it is meant for (if it is meant for power and has no power then it 0/10), and material.

My overall rating is 24/30! (7/10 for appearance, 10/10 for what it is meant for, and 7/10 for material.

Get yours now, have a look in our padel shop. 

“Nox Ultralight Review” – Ewan Ramsden

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