What Is A Padel Racket Made Of?

A lot of new players come to padel and are confused when they are given a padel racket, it always leads them to the question “what is a padel racket made of?”.

A padel racket unlike a tennis or squash racket, has no strings and is typically made of carbon fibre or fiberglass. Fiberglass is a lot cheaper to make, so you will find them in the lower end, beginner rackets. Carbon fibre is used in the more intermediate to advanced rackets.

I have even heard people describe a padel racket as a “giant table tennis bat” or a foam filled swing ball bat”. 

Of course, each bat varies and there are a lot of differences, so let’s review what each type of padel racket is made of. (See table at the bottom)

what is a padel racket made of
What is a padel racket made of? Look above to find out.

The diagram above breaks down what a typical padel racket is made of. Now let’s have a look at the beginner and advanced padel rackets.

What Is A Beginner Padel Racket Made Of?

I mentioned this briefly earlier but beginner padel rackets are going to have cheaper materials. 

These are going to be more lower end materials that will give the user a good experience but won’t allow them to get the power and spin that the high end rackets have.

Beginner padel rackets have the frame and face made of fiberglass, because this is cheap. This will give the user a smooth surface and an ease of use.

The aim of the beginner padel rackets is to give the user control and a padel bat that is easy to use, this is why they are made with technologies that are simple and not expensive.

A beginner racket will have:

  • Face – Fiberglass
  • Frame – Fiberglass
  • Core – EVA rubber 
what is a padel racket made of

What Is An Advanced Padel Racket Made Of?

Advanced padel rackets vary a lot more, this is because the big brands add different technologies and use different materials to maximise the user’s performance. 

There frame will be made of carbon fibre, usually always, this is to add the most power and durability. 

The face is different, it is usually always made of carbon, however, the surface may have different technologies added to increase the spin. Such as rough surface, or a slightly raised surface, this will help the user get more grip and spin on the ball.

An advanced padel racket will have:

  • Face- Carbon Fibre
  • Frame – Carbon
  • Core – Rubber Core
what is a padel racket made of
An advanced padel racket is going to be made with carbon

Conclusion - What Is A Padel Racket Made Of?

what is a padel racket made of

Overall, a padel racket is made of carbon fibre or fiberglass, this is depending on what level the racket is made for. Advanced players will want a bat with carbon fibre and beginner players would be more suited to fiberglass.

Remember, each racket will vary slightly, as the brands want to find new technologies always to improve rackets. 

There are crazy features on some bats such as customisable weights and shorter handles!

Overall, a lot are made from carbon and fiberglass.

If you need help on how to choose a racket, then this article is great.

If you want more information on certain rackets then check out the NOX sport website!

“What is a padel racket made of” – Ewan Ramsden

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