When To Change Padel Racket?

You have had your racket for a while now, there are new and exciting ones everywhere you look, and you are wondering when to change padel racket. 

There are actually a NUMBER of different factors that need to be considered when changing padel racket, let’s break down each one. 

Go through each point on your list and ask yourself, “does this apply to me?” and then you will know when to change padel racket!

Let’s get started.

1. How Long Have You Had Your Racket?

If you have a brand new padel racket, then have fun with it! Spend time getting used to it, and play with it for a while. 

The length of time having your bat, effects the likelyhood of you needing to change it, as the bat wears out, your level changes, and it becomes time for something new. 

Here is a guide below:

  • 0-3 months – Keep your current racket 
  • 3-6 months – You can still keep but if you feel like a change is necessary then start looking/testing
  • 6 months or more – This is a great time to think about a new racket!

I ran a poll on the EverythingPadel instagram account, and found out that majority of people go through 2-3 rackets a year, so looking to change every 6 months is a great plan. 

So when to change padel racket? Every 6 months or so.

when to change padel racket

2. How Much Have You Improved?

Have a look at your improvement over the last 6 months, regardless of what racket you were using, how much better are you, compared to 6 months ago?

This is important – because as YOU improve, you need to make sure your racket is not holding you back.

One of EverythingPadel’s sponsored players Kai Woodgate was using a beginner racket for about 9 months from when he first started, Kai was improving rapidly, but due to his racket, was struggling to get the power and bite on the ball he needed. 

He then finally upgraded his bat, to an advanced Adipower 3.0, and then his shots had a lot more power, he could really kill the ball. 

Kai didn’t know when to change padel racket, and then when he did, he saw huge improvements! Improve WITH your racket!

when to change padel racket

3. What Condition Is Your Racket In?

The more you use your racket, the more it will wear down over time, scratches can get bigger, a small crack will get larger, and the bat may become softer or harder over time depending on how long it has been used and the conditions it has been in.

Have a look at your padel racket now, has it got any scratches or small cracks near the top? If so, these can get bigger very quickly and you will need something new ASAP. 

Does the bat feel harder than it did when you first started using it? Or too soft? The cold or hot weather can effect this. 

If you want to know how to take care of your padel racket – read this article.

When to change padel racket? – If you see ANY crack in it.


when to change padel racket

4. Do You Have A Weak Part Of Your Game?

Are you feeling that there is a part of your game that needs to be improved? 

Do you need MORE power? Or MORE control? This is an easy sign that you need to change padel racket, some people have natural strengths and weaknesses on court. 

For example, power might come easy for you! So you need to change to a control racket. 

If your game is completely even, then there is a high chance that you have a padel racket that is good for your game. 

5. Do You Have Any Arm Strains On Court?

The last factor of when to change padel racket: arm strains.

If you have perfect comfort, and find your racket easy to use, then you should be okay. 

But if you feel a bit of pain, or the odd strain when you hit the ball, then you need to change padel racket. 

Sometimes a good way to tell is to hit the ball hard, and then if you feel that vibration in your arm as you strike, then you need to change to something that doesn’t cause a vibration.  

You could get something lighter, or something with AVS (anti vibration system), this reduces vibrations massively. 

when to change padel racket

Conclusion - When To Change Padel racket

Go through each of these points, did they apply to you? 

If none did, them keep your racket, have fun with it as well!

If 1-2 did, then maybe start to think about a new bat, but don’t worry too much. 

If ALL did, then you NEED to change padel racket, it is crucial you do as you are holding your game up drastically. 

Some key points to note:

  • If you have a crack – start looking for a new one immediately. 
  • If you have tennis elbow, start looking, you don’t want to aggravate the injury.
Now you know when to change padel racket!
When to change padel racket – Ewan Ramsden

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