Why Is Padel So Popular? - 6+ Reasons Why

Why is padel SO popular?

Padel is growing at a rapid rate across the world, countries such as Sweden, United Arab Emirates and Netherlands are ALL experiencing a padel boom. 

It leads everyone to the common question “Why is padel so popular?”

With all your favourite celebrities playing the game now including David Beckham, Neymar, the Liverpool football team, and influencers such as Jay Shetty all publicly playing and promoting the sport, let’s have a look at why this sport is growing so fast.

Here are 7 reasons to answer “why is padel so popular?”.

1. Easy + Simple + Fun

Padel has become popular due to three factors, it is easy, simple, and fun. These factors help anyone of all ages and abilities enjoy the sport.

When anyone wants to come to a new sport, they want to be able to play it easily and have fun, and not be frustrated by how tricky it is. 


For beginner players, padel is easy, the technique is not too complicated and someone of a low level can have fun and rallies with someone of a very high level. 

Padel will get a LOT harder when trying to move to that next level, and learning the perfect technique of specific shots is just as hard as other sports, but for new players, it is simple and easy!


A very simple game, people of all abilities and ages can hop on the court and understand the rules.

Even without knowing all the rules, people can still get on court and have a fun game, you could have never seen or played the sport before, but be able to get on and have fun.


Why is padel so popular? 

Because it is really, really fun.

For me, this is the biggest reason. 

The sport is SO much fun! 

It is the main reason why it is so popular, because people have such good experiences on court and tell all their friends about it.

why is padel so popular

2. Incredibly Social

Why is padel so popular? 

Padel is so popular because of the social aspect of the game, players get to meet a lot of different people and make new friends while playing a great sport.

If you join a padel club, then you will meet a lot of new people, the sport has to be played in doubles, which means every time you play, you are playing with 3 other people. 

Say you play 30 times, with different people, then that is 90 new people that you have met just through the sport of padel!

People enjoy it because they make friends, increase their confidence and social skills.

The social aspect is increased due to:

  • Smaller court (forcing people closer).
  • Always doubles, forcing people to communicate.
  • Tournaments + mix ins increase people speaking together.
why is padel so popular

3. It Is Good For Your Body

Like I said earlier, anyone can play this sport, whether you are under 10 years old, all the way up to over 70 years old.

It is good for your body, as it is good exercise and keeps you moving, however not too crazy that people of an old age struggle to keep up.

Key areas of your body that it helps are:


Having to bend your knees when taking low balls off the back wall is a simple and good exercise to strengthen your knees.


The underarm serve means that your shoulders will be less strained from constantly having to serve.

Better for tennis elbow

Hitting the ball with less power and less vibrations puts less strain on your arm which decreases any tennis elbow strains.

The ball speed is slower, which again, will weaken the impact of the ball to your racket.

4. Addictive

Why is padel so popular? Padel is popular because the sport is VERY addictive, people play once, and then can’t stop. 

I have never had a new player come to me for a coaching session or match, and then not return for again wanting to play again.

The sport is very addictive, and because of the amount of players playing, it is very easy to get games frequently.

For me, I don’t even remember the last time I organised my own game, I just seem to put in for matches that pop up with different people in the padel group-chat’s that we have.

You find that you will play a match, and then by the end you have organised another 3 to play the following week.

why is padel so popular

Constant hunger to get better

Everyone wants to improve at the sport so people just keep playing, have lessons and play in as many tournaments as possible.

With everyone wanting this, it means courts get booked up very quickly, and the sport grows in popularity!

5. The Celebrities LOVE It

Why is padel so popular? Because celebrities have promoted it on social media with there large following, encouraging lot’s of people to play the amazing sport.

The big celebrities across the world LOVE padel. 

Especially a lot of footballers and sportsman.

Below are some of the footballers and celebrities have been seen playing it:

Many, many more!
why is padel so popular
Influencer Jay Shetty with over 8 million followers playing padel!

6. The Points Are Longer And More Competitive

When I watch tennis highlights now, and see a “long rally” where it keeps going on and people are thinking it’s amazing, I find it hard to appreciate it.


 Because that is literally padel, but EVERY point.

Some points go on for 2-3 minutes, and are filled with insane shots and epic plays.

Look at the clip below, the rallies are ridiculous with volley battles, to bandejas, to smashes from the back of the court.

I watch people who have never played the sport before have rallies that last over a 1 minute with over 50 shots, it is crazy.

Why Is Padel So Popular? - Conclusion

Why is padel so popular?

Overall, padel is very popular because of its ease to play, it’s simplicity, and how fun the sport is. The sport is very social which encourages new players to get involved.

Get yourself down on the court and play padel! If you want some reasons to play padel, check out this article.

“Why is padel so popular” – Ewan Ramsden 

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